Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

All of us participating in the “What’s Your Chocolate” blogfest are to write something about chocolate. What’s not to love, right?  I have met few people who did not like chocolate, but my father was one of those few. That’s why I would order chocolate ice cream when we went to the local ice-cream shop for a treat. He always liked to “help” us with our cones. “That little bit is dribbling there. Let me just clean it up for you.”

Several licks later, the ice cream would be half gone. When I wised up, I never ordered vanilla again. Or strawberry.

But this post is not about chocolate ice cream. I want to write about chocolate cobbler. That’s right. I’ve heard about all kinds things chocolate: chocolate cookies, chips or otherwise, chocolate cake, and chocolate pie, but I had never heard of chocolate cobbler until I did an Internet search for “chocolate.” I couldn’t believe it when several sites for chocolate cobbler popped up. I thought cobbler was made with berries or peaches or apples. Chocolate?

BTW, if you count how many times I use the word chocolate, you will see that it is a lot. If you leave a comment with the exact number, I will put your name in a hat for a drawing for a free book. You can pick any of my books in e-format or paper. Your choice.

Now back to the cobbler. Christy Jordan shares a recipe on her blog Southern Plate, which has a lot of great recipes. On her blog she clarifies that chocolate cobbler is also known as mud pie, and that is what she was accustomed to calling it. The first time someone mentioned how much they liked her mother’s chocolate cobbler, she had no idea what they were talking about.

It’s mud pie, everyone. Just because it is cooked in a cobbler pan does not make it a cobbler.

Christy has step-by-step instructions for making mud pie, and after looking at it for a few minutes, I think I need to take a break and do some baking.

Back in an hour or so.

OMG, this cobbler is to die for.

I thought the Chocolate Better Than Sex Cake was the most decadent chocolate treat, but mud pie, or cobbler if you are not living in the southern part of the United States, is giving it a run for the money. If you’d like to try the cake, here is a link to a great recipe by Kimberly Pugliano. The main thing I like about this recipe is that not everything is measured, especially the candy, which the cook is free to munch on while preparing the batter.

Do I dare take another baking break?

What the heck. If you want to find more about chocolate while I’m gone, you can visit some of the others who are participating in the blogfest. We will all be on a sugar high by the end of the day.

23 thoughts on “Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate”

  1. Thanks for stopping by everyone. I agree, Tim, it should always be called mud pie. Hope you enjoy the cake recipe, Katie. I’ve made it before and it is yummy. I think all the work making it counters any calories in it. (smile)

  2. Glad you liked my story about my father, Christine. It was always a big joke in our family, “Don’t let daddy help you with your ice cream.”

    Doug, I just had to get the ingredients to make this mud pie – still can’t get used to calling it chocolate cobbler. LOL

    Michelle, I was offline for a while, drowning in chocolate.

  3. Alex, someone in my office makes some pretty yummy mud pie, too. LOL

    Marian, I think I would prefer a scoop of homemade vanilla. Not that the moose tracks ice cream is not good. I just think we need a balance.

    Brinda, when you ordered the chocolate cobbler was it someplace in the north or midwest? Most places in the south do put it on the menu as mud pie.

    I agree with all who said this blog fest is making us gain weight. Good thing I’d just lost a couple of pounds before this started. This has been fun, and I have several new recipes I am going to try. First I have to finish my mud pie.

  4. The Capillary, you are the only one who took me up on my offer of a prize for counting the number of times I used the word chocolate in my blog piece. If you email me at maryann (at) we can arrange for you to get one of my books. Thanks for playing.

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