A Different Kind of Sunday Post

In lieu of my usual Sunday book review, I am offering a bit of humor from the comics. I love to share the strips that make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud. This one from Sherman’s Lagoon did make me laugh. Maybe because it is so true.

Sherman’s son asks, “Daddy, what are these blunder games I keep hearing about?”

“Well son, Each lagoon picks once resident to represent it. Then, all the representatives have a big free-or-all battle where everything goes.”

The son says, “So it’s like congress.”

“Except something actually gets decided.”

If you would like to read a good book review, you can find one here at my friend, Kevin Tipple’s blog. He has been reviewing books, especially mysteries, for some time and is quite good at presenting a balanced opinion.

Lastly, tomorrow is the “What’s Your Chocolate” blogfest created by Laura Eno, Brinda Berry, Ciara Knight and M. Pax.

Please come by and discover the millions of ways people love chocolate.

3 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Sunday Post”

  1. Dropping by via the blogfest as I’m still checking through the blogs.

    Nice to meet you! They probably don’t give out enough chocolate treats in those congressional chambers. It sweetens the mood.

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