Let us Remember

Even though I normally do not post on Tuesdays, I could not let today pass without some remembrance of what happened on 9/11. I don’t know when the sharp memories will fade. Perhaps when we are longer past the event. I don’t know. I still have vivid memories of where I was and what I was doing when Kennedy was shot, and when Martin Luther King was shot, and the mass shooting at Columbine.

I think such tragedies imprint themselves on our brains and the image never fades. I’m sure it is the same for Holocaust survivors and every man and woman who ever served in combat and saw terrible things that people should not have to see.

So when I remember 9/11 I pray for all the families who were directly affected through the loss of a loved one. I pray for the first responders who displayed such courage and compassion throughout the aftermath of that fateful day. And I pray that somehow, someway, there could be an end to this terrorism that plagues the entire world.

If we could only live in peace.

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