Friday’s Odds and Ends

Today on Friday’s Odds and Ends we start with a quote from President Obama, “This administration has no interest in leaking classified information.”

But does that mean that they didn’t?

This comment was in response to allegations that the White House disclosed sensitive information to mold Obama’s image as tough on terror.

Memo to Obama: Stop letting advisers “mold” you into anything. We the people sure would like a president, or any government servant, to be real, not some statue that only becomes what someone else thinks he or she should be.

In a recent economic speech in Cincinnati, Ohio Mitt Romney promised that the Keystone Pipeline would be approved on day one of his administration. “It will be built if I have to do it myself.”

David Daniel, an East Texas resident who started STOP Tarsands Oil  and has been fighting to stop the Keystone Pipeline from coming through his property and destroying his natural springs and much of his timber, had this response. “I found that quite interesting from a man who probably has never lifted anything heavier than a silver spoon.”

Daniel was also a bit surprised that this has become such a hot political issue, and he wishes folks would spend less time and effort blasting the other party and work together to find an alternative to fossil fuels. “The Republican’s try to get mileage from supporting the pipeline because of lobbyists wno support them and the oil industry. And the Democrats are appealing to all the environmentalists who are concerned for the future of our planet. Once the election is over, will any of the politicians care?”

Ruptured pipe in the pipeline in Michigan. It dumped toxins into the Kalamazoo River.

That’s an interesting question. Candidates rally around issues to garner votes, but what happens to those issues after the elections?

While our democracy works so well on so many levels, it is stuck in a political quagmire. We desperately need to have political reform: Do away with lobbyists and the two-party system.

To end on a lighter note. I can really relate to a recent Garfield cartoon. Jon is out mowing the lawn and when he finishes he smiles and says, “Finally.”

In the next panel, there is a large BOOM, and the clouds open up to dump rain on him and the newly mowed grass. Then the sun comes out and there is a loud SPOING.

The next panel has Jon peeking out of grass that has grown to his nose. “That’s not fair,” he says.

Garfield says, “Suck it up mow boy.”

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  1. I saw that Garfield cartoon. Funny.

    The state of politics is to disheartening to comment on.

    But I’d love for you to stop by my blog and pick up the award/meme I have for you.

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