An Ode to the Night

My guest today is Slim Randles. Sometimes his Home Country offerings are humorous stories about the gang down at the Mule Barn Truck Stop, but other times he gets a bit poetic. This is one of his more thoughtful pieces. Enjoy…..

This is sunset one fall evening at Grandma’s Ranch. 

There’s something to be said for the brightness of day, of course, when the energies of the world improve our lot in life. But for a special time, give me the night. Give me the soft, velvety quiet of a country evening and its own sounds and flavors and scents.

It’s good to hear the night shift take over the part of our world we call home. The coyote yaps off in the brush, calling his family to the hunt, the quail have a soft cluck and rustle down by the creek. The crickets set up the background music for all this in a spooky kind of harmony.

It’s a resting time for most, but for those who will postpone sleep, there is the secret of another world, where we slow down a little and take a bit more time with our lives. A time when we can hear the world heal a little before it goes back into daily battle again. A time when we can smile and sit and just say thanks for bringing us to another evening like this.

If we like, we can do a little mental planning for the next day.

Or not.

A country evening is what we get for being good all day.
I agree with Slim. Maybe not about the being good all day. Not sure I do that every day. But I do love to go out at dusk, just when all that night music is starting and the last bits of daylight are fading into those trees. It is the most peaceful of moments. Where do you find your peaceful moments?

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