Who Can Resist a Kitten?

Living out here in the country, we frequently have cats, kittens, puppies and dogs dropped off by people who no longer want them. This is a practice that we all wish would never happen. Do those people really think most of these animals stand a chance against hunger, coyotes who are hungry, and trucks that can come barreling down our county roads?

We, my husband and I, have acquired most of our cats via this dump-method, and we now have a kitten that may make cat number four for us. I am going to try to find her a home. Honest I am, but if that doesn’t happen soon, well…..

She is a cute little kitten who misses her mother with an angst that is loud and persistent. She cried for five solid hours the first evening she showed up.

And our poor old dog, Misha, has had to put up with the kitten’s attempts to find solace and sustenance in a “foster mother.” I never knew this dog had so much patience.

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