Loving My New Cover

Here is a peek at the coverart for my mystery that will be released in December by Five Star Cengage/Gale. The story is set in Dallas, so that is the Dallas skyline and the police badge is a picture of a real officer’s badge. A friend let me take a picture of his to send to the artist who did the cover.

I am thrilled with what was done and some of the feedback I’ve received has been great. One person said, “The color scheme and the way the building scene is presented gives it a crime noir look that fits the book – a nice hard edge that I think will attract readers of crime novels.”

I have also received some author blurbs from two writers for whom I have the greatest respect. I just posted a piece on the Criminal Minds at Work Blog, so if you are interested in reading what L.J. Sellers and Bruce Cook have to say about Open Season, just click HERE

12 thoughts on “Loving My New Cover”

  1. How wonderful! Congratulations! The cover is great. I clicked on here and read the blurbs. I’ll look forward to buying a copy when it comes out. I love a good mystery.

  2. LOL, Mike. Okay, I’ll fess up, the comment was from my son, Mike. Didn’t want to say that in my post because I didn’t want anyone to think he had been paid or blackmailed into making a positive comment.

    Thanks, Ann and Mason for stopping by and leaving a comment. Glad you like the cover.

  3. LOL, Margaret. I think you meant to type “mystery” not history. Although some historical facts have indeed stirred some blood.

    Glad you stopped by and I do appreciate all the enthusiasm for my new cover.

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