Summer Reading Trail

I’m participating in The Summer Reading Trail with a number of other authors to introduce readers to our work. Everyone is providing excerpts of their work, and I decided to feature my Young Adult novel, Friends Forever, which is available as an e-book from Kindle.

Friendship is a tenuous thing when you’re thirteen and everything in your life is changing, especially your best friend. Terrified that she will lose Laura to the influence of Angie who is rich, beautiful, and the most popular girl in school, Debbie Webly will do almost anything to hang on to Laura. When her efforts backfire, Debbie finds out that true friendship is based on much more than looks or popularity.

There are a number of other authors offering samples from inspirational novels, romance, paranormal and others. Follow the trails and discover great new writers this summer. The free reads include short stories, serial installments, deleted scenes and book excerpts from published and unpublished authors.

The Summer Reading Trail started in May and will run through the end of July. New links will be updated on the first of every month, so you can enjoy a summer of reading. You are encouraged to explore authors’ websites and blogs, to take a moment to leave them a comment and to bookmark sites and visit often.

Here is a LINK to the site where you can find the authors listed. Enjoy…..

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