Something Different

It’s been kind of a crazy day. Was waiting most of the day for people to come and install new flooring, and they got hung up on another job. Kind of disconcerting when you make plans and arrange your life around something that doesn’t happen.

Plus, I was offline most of yesterday due to cable that had gotten cut somewhere between here and Dallas, so today I’ve been scrambling to get my office work done — updating writing a review and talking to folks about advertising. Then I realized I hadn’t updated here in a couple of days.

With nothing new to add from me, I decided to post a link to a new feature my friend and fellow humorist, Tracy Farr, has started. He’s doing podcasts he calls The Bathrobe Monologues and here is a link to his latest about beer.

To read more of his funny stuff, or connect to other humorous and musical offerings visit Stinky Creek Texas.

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