Merry, Merry and All That

Good Christmas Eve morning. No matter how many years pile up on me, I never lose the excitement of today and tomorrow, with the family gatherings, the wonderful dinners, the joy and happiness. That’s true for so many of us who celebrate this holiday, and I’m sure it’s shared by those who celebrate Hanukah, Yule/Christmastide, Kwansaa and more. There is magic in all the ways we mark the winter solstice, and that magic touches the heart of the child within us all.

So, in keeping with the spirit of fun and magic, I share with you a parody of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” that I wrote many moons ago. It was first published in The Plano Star-Courier newspaper, where I was a humor columnist, then it had an outing as a blog post over at The Blood-Red Pencil, and now I present it to you. Enjoy…

Tis the day before Christmas and all is not done,
Things on the “to do” list number a million and one.
There are cookies to cut while the oven is hot,
And a gift for Aunt Mildred. Egad! I forgot.

There are presents to measure, to balance and wrap,
If the stacks are not even the kids will know in a snap.
The turkey is snug in the freezer so cold,
Will anyone notice if I put dinner on hold?

Tis the day to test stamina, courage, and brawn,
The survivors are heroes at next morning’s dawn.
Just when I thought I was running out of time
A stranger appeared with a smile so sublime.

He was dressed all in silver from his head to his toe.
And I blinked my eyes twice to see if he would go.
He patted my shoulder and gave me a latte,
“Your’re almost there,” he said. “The rest will be easy.

“Don’t worry, don’t fret, don’t get in a frazzle,
Together we’ll do it with narry a hassle.
I’ll hang the tinsel and check all the lights,
You bathe the children and kiss them goodnight.”

The kids were all tucked in their beds nice and warm.
(A threat to their presents always works like a charm.)
I’d finally decided, of course. it’s a dream.
That’s a mirage on my sofa eating toffee ice cream.

I was amazed at the picture that greeted my eyes,
My living room looked like a picture from Currier and Ives.
The stockings were stuffed, and so was the bird,
What magic he used was beyond any word.

He smacked his lips, gave a sly little wink,
“It’s time I was off to help others, I think.”
He twirled around once, then three times and more,
And in a twinkling headed out my front door.

There’s no doubt about it; it was love at first sight,
For that stranger who saved me on Christmas Eve night.
No matter his name, he was really such a dear.
I wonder, will he return again in another year?

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, Good Cheer!

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