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Those of you who regularly read my blog know that I love to have authors as guests. It’s always so nice to learn a little more about the author, the work, and the interesting things that happen in this wacky world of writing. I’m so thrilled to have James as my Wednesday’s Guest today. Enjoy…



Published by: Morgan James Publishing

Series: The Infinity’s Gateway Trilogy

361 Pages

Pub Date: January 26th, 2021

Categories: Science Fiction / Adventure / Action

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Every year, all across the planet, people simply vanish, completely disappear and are never seen again.  Some areas of the world are well known for this phenomenon.  Infinity’s Gateway opens with a very famous incident that took place just after the end of World War II with the United States Navy.  The story then jumps to the present day with an unexplainable event that occurs off the coast of Florida, an event that cannot be ignored by the military.

The Navy ship Eclipse and its crew are sent to investigate, but after several days come up empty.  Two days before returning to port, the event reoccurs, and the Eclipse is caught up in something it cannot escape.  The Eclipse and its crew suddenly find themselves completely isolated, all communication lost, surrounded by a terribly hostile environment where each day is a struggle to survive.  Infinity’s Gateway is an intense, action packed story of survival, self-reliance, and discovery


Infinity’s Gateway is an engaging science fiction thriller with tones of Michael Crichton Tom Clancy.  To fans of the science fiction genre, it will feel like an old friend with a surprising, and exciting new makeover.”  —Joseph Mauceri, Executive Editor,


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Never Give Up!

Guest Post by James S. Parker

Never Give Up

Although my first two novels did well, I wanted to try and get a bigger publisher.  The naysayers immediately set in to let me know that no other publisher would ever touch me.  They said that because they didn’t own the first two books in the series I was writing, a new publisher would never publish book three.  When I asked if there was anything that I could do, I was asked if I had any other ideas that I could write about.  As it turns out, I did.

So, I wrote a synopsis, which turned out to be rather lengthy, and it was sent off to New York.  New York sent it back and the nicest thing they could say is, “Well, he can write.”  Other than that, it was too long, too complex, too hard to follow and so on.  In short, I had been given a loud NO.  I gave the synopsis to my editor and he read through it.  When he finished, he started laugh.  He told me that there wasn’t anything wrong with what I had written.  The problem was that I had taken three books and tried to shove it into one.  If I were to slow things down, I’d have a trilogy on my hands.  Infinity’s Gateway is the first the first novel in this new trilogy.  Moral of the story – no matter who says what, keep pushing and never give up!

Screenplay – You Never Know Where the Road Will Lead

Several months before the official release of Infinity’s Gateway, which was January 1/26/21, we started to work promoting the novel.  Dennis, my publicist, and I were working as hard as we could to get the word out about this new trilogy.  Dennis reached out to a friend of his who is a film producer and quite active in the industry.  She has been in the film business for over twenty years.  As he started to tell her about the book, she cut him off.  She told him that she didn’t have the time to read books.  That if I had a screenplay, then send it over, but that was all she could offer.  So Dennis asked if she would at least talk with me to give me guidance.  This she agreed to.

She and I talked, and she was very nice.  She told me about the industry and the challenges that I would be facing.  We talked for some time.  My guess is that the call went very, very well because as we were getting ready to hang up, she asked me to send her the book.  Two weeks later she reached out to me.  She told me that she had read the book through the eyes of a director, not as a reader.  In short, she loved it!  She signed on to the project and Infinity’s Gateway is now in the process of being adapted to a screenplay.  As I said before, never give up!

Every now and then author James S. Parker has a vision.  And, when he does, he sees people and places off in the misty distance.  Sometimes these visions are futuristic and filled with danger.  Most often they are mystical, with good and evil and a cast of characters who beautifully represent both.

In his high school years James experienced a spine-tingling brush with the supernatural.  That single event – complete with the sound of heavy footsteps and an invisible visitor – etched forever in his mind the idea that life is much more mysterious than we oftentimes admit — that the spiritual world is all around us, and that its impact on us cannot be denied.

Though he sees through a glass darkly, he writes as though he has been granted a glimpse into the unknown, one that has informed his novels and their powerful stories of good and evil and the struggles we all face every day to assure that good wins.

Infinity’s Gateway, the first book in a fascinating sci-fi adventure trilogy, is his latest work.  James lives in San Antonio, Texas with his wife Margaret. He is available for in-person and online book club visits.

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    1. After reading all the reviews, etc, I’m kinda disappointed I didn’t get it for review during the tour. I’ll have to add it to my wish list. 🙂

      And I do so like what he said about persevering. I’ve written about the importance of not giving up before. Too many talented folks I knew stopped because this writing world is so hard and challenging at times. The good news can be fleeting.

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