Happy Labor Day

Even though the Labor Day Weekend is winding down, I do want to take a moment to wish all my U.S. readers a happy holiday. I especially want to send a “job well done” message to first responders, hospital workers, and essential workers. You are doing tremendous work during this uncertain time of the COVID19 pandemic, putting yourselves at greater risk to make sure others are taken care of.

Thank You!

And I fully intend to as soon as I finish this post. LOL


For many people this is a special holiday to wrap up the summer and start looking ahead to fall. Families gather for picnics and cookouts, and when I was growing up, this holiday was almost as big as the Fourth of July.

After I married, I was inducted into the Miller family tradition which was to picnic at a local park with the whole Miller clan. The primary celebration was for Mom Miller’s birthday, which was September 5th, but it was also a challenge for the kids to cram all the last of the summer fun they could into one day. They played hard until we ran out of daylight, and slept through their baths. Moms and dads were tempted to just fall into bed fully clothed.

Yesterday one of my sons reminded me during a texting visit about how we would have those end-of-the-summer picnics with some friends in Texas. Those friends had become like family to us and we shared many a holiday together when we were not able to go to Michigan to be with our biological families.

It was good to remember all the ways those special friends were a part of our lives. It made me smile.

The Labor Day holiday was started to honor the American workers, and every year I  think of the song, “40-Hour Week” by Alabama. My roots run deep in blue collar America, so this song speaks to me and my family. Enjoy!


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