3 Decor Tips That Will Bring Inspiration to Your Writing

Today I have a different Wednesday’s Guest, Brenan from the company ElephantStock.com is here to offer some tips on sprucing up your work space. If you click on the link, check out the amazing painting of a hummingbird. But come right back. 🙂

While emailing with other writers and reading their blogs and Facebook posts, I’ve realized that this current lock-down has started to fray nerves and encourage despondency.

I know, I know, writing is a solitary profession, so why is this so stressful? 

Because before COVID19 we could choose to go out to meet a friend for lunch.

Before COVID19 we could choose to take an afternoon off and check out the Spring fashions. How many folks could do that this Spring?

Before VOVID19 we could have family gatherings, social gatherings. Go to church.

Because of the current circumstances in which we all find ourselves, I thought these tips for sprucing up our work spaces would be helpful. While the article is aimed for writers, the advice applies to anyone who normally works from a home office.

Now here is my guest. If it’s not too early in your part of the world, grab a glass of wine and relax while your read.

Are you interested in improving your creative writing ideas?

One of the best things to consider is to design your writing place with attractive home décor.

No matter what kind of writer you are, you need a dedicated space to work from that is comfortable and attractive. Where you can be creative and productive. Look beyond what is just on your desk and consider décor that helps set the tone of your writing room, such as wall art, canvas prints, framed chalkboard, and more.

Here are three décor tips that can help bring inspiration to writing.

1. Display Inspirational Quotes Or Images

Whether you’re an aspiring writer, poet, or an author, the inspirational quotes, images and art pieces help you in many ways. In a writing room, inspirational art or images can boost your confidence to write something unique and interesting.

Try to get inspirational large wall art, photos of famous writers and motivational quotes that lend to your creative vibe. You can hang large wall art with inspirational quotes, travel images, and a writer’s photograph in strategic places in your room.

Select interesting and beautiful artwork that connects with you and sparks your creativity, motivating you to write more articles, stories or plays.

Inspirational wall art and photographs are also excellent gifts for the writer or poet, and in your life.

2. Framed Chalkboard

Transform a phrase or word into artwork for your wall in writing space. For this, you can choose a white paper, clipboard, or chalkboard.

With unique home décor in mind, a framed chalkboard works great in your room. It will not only spruce up your space but also allows you to write inspirational lines, words, and many other things every day. To make the board look more artistic in nature, you can write on it with colored chalks and even add little decorations using  pink, blue, green, yellow, and so many more colors.

The chalkboard can also be used to keep track of your writing progress. You can use any font to decorate your chalkboard with creative words. Hang a chalkboard on your wall to plan a writing sequence as well.

That is a good tool for those of us who still like to keep a daily count of words, as well as jot notes on plot points. It will also make us stand up periodically, which is a good thing. 🙂

3. Bring Freshness With Indoor Plants

Create a fresh and impressive workplace with indoor plants. There are many beautiful indoor plants like palm, peace lily, snake plant, philodendron, and bamboo palm. Indoor plants will not only make your work-space look pretty, they improve the air quality your room.

Further, a plant has an added benefit of creating a soothing environment. The color green is known to be relaxing, and looking at things from nature can be as well. It’s  also believed that looking at natural plants can shift the brain into a creative mode by making you more relaxed, allowing for better concentration.

That’s interesting. I don’t often look at my houseplants. They’re behind me in my office, but glancing out my window at the flowers in my front flowerbed does make me feel good. I’m not sure if it makes me more creative, though. 🙂

Final Thoughts

Creativity can be enhanced when working in a beautiful and impressive environment, so consider decorating your writing room, or workplace, with wall art, chalkboard, plants, and more.

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