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Okay, I don’t know about you, but I need a distraction from the horrible mess in Syria, thanks to the man who thinks pulling the troops out was a brilliant idea. Not to mention the horrible mess in Washington.

So, today I decided to do something new on the blog. Actually, I thought about doing this the other day when I was out walking. Every day I take the same route around the neighborhood that passes by this abandoned house. Somebody comes to mow the yard now and then, but otherwise nobody is ever around.

The writer in me often wonders about who had lived there. What was their story? It must have been someone who loved flowers as much as I do. These are just some of the flowers that have popped up around the yard, despite being untended, and I’ve enjoyed stopping to take photos when I see a new one. This yellow beauty being the latest.


I thought it might be fun to write a story about who might have lived there and why they had to move away. Then I thought it would be even more fun if writing the story was a collaborative group effort. So I encourage you to add to my story, or write your own in a comment. Let’s keep this going for a while and see what we can come up with.

This old house has always reminded me of the house in Kansas that got taken up in the tornado and dropped Dorothy in the land of Oz. But what if the tornado hadn’t taken her back to Kansas? Instead the winds blew her into the land of Northeast Texas, house and all. Bringing a few of the flower-Munchkins with her.

The place is close to the RR right-of-way, so there aren’t many neighbors to wonder why a house showed up. Maybe Dorothy was happy living there, even though she missed her Aunt Em. But the Good Witch would come frequently to bring her food and fairy dust to bring the flowers to life.

During the day, Dorothy tended the flowers, feeding and watering with tender loving care. But in the deep of night, when neighbors slept and could not be alarmed at flowers that turned into little people, Dorothy used the fairy dust to bring the flowers to life. She would dance and sing and laugh with the Munchkins until the sun started to peek over the tops of the trees. Then the little people would revert back to flowers, their blooms dancing in the gentle breezes.

This might have gone on for years and years until Dorothy started to feel the pain of arthritic joints and see the gray take over her hair. While the magic of Munchkins lives forever, alas, it isn’t the same for people, and Dorothy slipped away

Now, every year, the flowers pop up in memory of Dorothy and to honor her for the loving care she gave them.

Okay, whose next? Who wants to say what happens to the flowers and the old house next? Or maybe come up with a new story-line?

If there’s enough participation, I’ll have my cat pull a name out of a hat and give the lucky winner a copy of one of my books – their choice as to title and format. If paperback is chosen, I can only send to addresses in the U.S.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Write a Story”

  1. I love the pictures of the flowers and your idea of writing an ongoing story. I think the Tin Man needs to make an appearance since he probably has not rusted away. Perhaps he has followed the yellow brick road and comes to this charming old house and discovers Dorthy’s shoes and a tiny box.

    1. Love the idea of the Tin Man coming. Does he put on the shoes and become transformed into something else? Or do the shoes just protect him from the elements? And what is in the tiny box?

      Who’s going to take the story on to the next chapter?

  2. He finds a bit of fairy dust, tries on Dorthy’s shoes and begins to dance, spilling the dust. Like magic, the flowers begin to dance andlittle people reapeer much to the Tin Man’s delight. He is overjoyed and as the little people gather around him he vows to stay in the old house caring for them.

    1. I love where you’ve taken the story, Jan. Would anyone else like to contribute? While I do like writing a story with my friend, Jan, it would be great to have more participation.

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