More Cat Facts

Those little kitties were a gift from my daughter-in-law, Wei, and I thought they might like to hang out around the barn.

This is a metal sculpture that was on the side of my barn in Winnsboro and is now on a wall in the eating area of my kitchen. The cats are on the fence.

Now some of the cat facts, again borrowed from LitterRobot.

1. Research suggests that a cat’s purr has the power to self-heal.
One of the most precious cat facts we’ve learned: The purr isn’t just for when your cat is happy—purring helps cats to cope with illness and stress, and the vibrations may help an injured cat’s bones heal.

That is interesting. There is evidence that a cat on a lap who is purring is soothing and beneficial to the human to whom the lap is attached, but I didn’t know it was self-healing. More about the human benefits HERE

2. People with cat allergies aren’t allergic to fur, but rather a protein found in a cat’s saliva, urine, and dander.
The protein is called Fel d 1. Non-neutered male cats typically produce more of it than females and neutered males. The Balinese and Siberian breeds are also thought to produce less.

3. There’s a reason dogs look up to you and cats treat you as an equal.
Cats have been domesticated for a much shorter time than dogs (a difference of 5,000+ years). Simply put, cats have not evolved long enough as domesticated pets to realize that you are their owner.

Equal? My cats don’t treat me as an equal. I am their slave. 🙂 Does anybody have a cat who treats them like an equal?

4. Your cat brings you prey as an act of kindness.
When a mother cat kills dinner for her family, she offers it to them wholeheartedly, and does not eat it herself. Likewise, your cat considers you part of her family and would rather offer you her killing than consume it on her own.

Oh how nice to be loved. Especially at two in the morning when the cat comes through the doggy door with a mouse that is still alive and the dog decides to help the cat with the nighttime snack. 

5. Your cat’s love of boxes satisfies an animal instinct.
Cats seek out boxes and enclosed spaces that offer cover for their predatory hunting instincts, as well as to hide to avoid becoming prey—an instinct passed down by their wild ancestors.

And that, folks, is why there are boxes in the corner of my office and in the living room and in the kitchen. My cats need lots of cover.

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“I can do it if I want.” That is a statement tRump made this morning referencing the declaration of a national emergency to get his wall built. He also stated that the wall needs to be built to keep the gangs and criminals and terrorists out of the country.

Would somebody please remind him that foreign terrorists fly into this country. They don’t try to walk across the border from Mexico.  Gang members likewise, do not attempt a simple walk-over to get here. They have much more sophisticated ways of gaining entry and moving their drugs across the border. You can read more facts at The Washington Post

I am shocked that even his base still supports tRump and his most recent actions.

December 19, 2018 : We will pull out of Syria. ISIS is defeated. “We have Won.”

January 7, 2019: Okay, maybe the troops will stay and protect the Kurdish soldiers, and make sure ISIS is gone. “We won’t be fully pulled out until ISIS is gone.” Statement by National Security Adviser John Bolton.

tRump changes his mind so often that trying to keep up is like watching a tennis match. And the worst part of this current stalemate over the Great tRump Wall, is the government shutdown. Workers in Washington and across the country are already working without pay or being furloughed, and it won’t be long until the lack of funding affects more people.

This dug-in-the-ground standoff has got to stop. People in Congress need to put party politics aside and do what needs to be done. tRump needs to accept the fact that border security can happen without needing an extra $5.7 billion to do it.

And could everyone in Washington remember that they are there to do the will of the majority of the people? Please?

Okay, end of rant. Have a great week folks. Be safe. Be happy. 

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