Monday Morning Musings

Happy Monday everyone. I hope all the moms out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend. I certainly did. I had two of my daughters and their husbands with me over the weekend. On Friday, one daughter and her husband went to the artist reception at the Winnsboro Center for the Arts, where my whole family is represented with different pieces of art. The display starts with work by my mother, then me, my kids and grandkids. What an honor to have all of our work together like that.

This is me with my daughter, Dany, who designs most of my book covers. She did the cover for Play It Again, Sam for an assignment in a course she was taking on graphic design. This was her first book cover.


This is only part of the wall, and maybe I will post more pictures over the next week or so. The Sacred Heart picture is embroidery that my mother did in about 1950. The picture to the left of that is song lyrics from music my son, Paul has written. Below that, the dark picture is Mothman, done in charcoal by my granddaughter, Kat. Next to that is a butterfly photograph that my daughter Cindy took. Next to her photo, is a photograph of a Luna Moth that my son David took. On the top right is an oil painting I did many moons ago when I was taking painting lessons.

We went to a music concert on Saturday night to hear Monica Rizzio, then on Sunday we went to a communtity theatre production of “Dearly Departed.” That was after a terrific lunch at The Rooster Cafe in Winnsboro.

One of the presents that I received was this jigsaw puzzle. It made me think of my mother who loved to see the cardinals come to nest in the trees in my sister’s yard. If Mother saw this picture, she would try to draw it. That was just the way she was.


Now Some Good News

A friend on Facebook posted a link to an article on Narratively, This Old Guy WIth a Sign Protests Trump Every Day, and when I clicked over to read it, I recognized Gale. He is a friend of Rudy Ramos, who brought the one-man show, Geronimo, to the Winnsboro Center for the Arts a couple of years ago. I like Gale. He is a friendly, compassionate man who likes almost everyone he meets. I knew he had strong opinions about right and wrong, justice and injustice.

Now Gale spends a couple of hours standing at a busy intersection in Fort Worth, Texas, with a homemade anti-Trump sign that reads, “Trump, that boy don’t act right.”

The words, “that boy don’t act right,” come from a country saying that he heard most of his life growing up in Oklahoma, and he decided it fit our current president. I have to agree. And kudos to Gale for taking that simple action.

In the story he related to Lyndsey  D’Arcangelo, Gale said that people slow down and some call out curses, with only a few cheers in the mix. He’s glad that people are reacting. His reason for standing out on the intersection every day is not to try to force people to change their minds politically, he just wants to stir people to action.

Maybe they’ll see the sign and think about voting or taking their own course of action. In the end, that’s really what McCray says he’s trying to do – inspire action.

“I still don’t feel like I’m doing enough,” he says. “Like I said, I’m just an old man with a sign. But at least, for me, it’s something. At least I’m doing something.”

Yes you are, and good for you my friend.

What about you? Have you ever protested? Do you think Gale is doing a good thing?

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