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I have a surprise guest today. I know, it isn’t Wednesday, but Slim Randles is already scheduled for Wednesday, so I thought I’d introduce you to a fantastic singer. 


First I have to say I had not heard of Heather Schmid until I received an e-mail from her publicity folks. I guess because I’m on a number of PR firms’ lists because I do reviews, somehow my e-mail got listed at Venone PR. I’m not sorry that happened. The firm represents a number of artists that have piqued my interest, and I am definitely going to get some of Heather’s music. She has a beautiful voice. Just listen to the song that plays on her website, and you’ll know what I mean.

Heather is a Boston University graduate in Music and classically-trained Opera Soprano pop rock singer, and she travels around the world with her music. She has been visiting Pakistan as a performer since 2005. She has concerns for the future and wanted to share her thoughts with others, hence the message from the PR firm. We were given permission to share the post by Heather, so, grab a cup of coffee and a donut and help me welcome Heather to It’s Not All Gravy.


5 Insights for Recording Artists, Performers, and Creatives
Under a Trump Presidency

from Heather Schmid

1. Make Art for Social Change
Now more than ever the world needs to hear you, see you, and share your art.  It is your job to be outspoken with your art as the medium.  The world will share it.  We take for granted the freedom that we have in the United States to say, sing, paint, and speak our truth.  In Pakistan and China, where I launched and grew my career, I knew of many artists who were killed for speaking their mind, or creating art that was considered “offensive” to the public and the government.

2. Channel Your Pain into Art
I personally grieve for unity.
I grieve for blatant racism.
I grieve for my hopes as a woman.

Now it is my duty as a musician to channel my voice into lyrics and share that truth.  I hope you will do the same for your pain.  When I was performing in China, the government reviewed my song lyrics, my interviews, and my personal documents in my laptop.  The government “minders” went through my hotel room.  Artists in China find subversive ways to share their truths.  As an artist I hope to channel my pain in solidarity with other artists.

3. If You See It, Say It, Sing It, or Sculpt It…
Honesty was one things that I always worried about when I performed in China.
Would I say something offensive in being truthful?
Who would my truths offend?

It is absolutely exhausting to be so guarded and protected and silent. It is the ultimate buzz kill for the creative flow.  Trying to edit your words, your music, your truth into something that works for everyone is…so shitty.  This music was not only bad art, but it also wasn’t my art.

Whatever you see around you, it’s important to artistically render it. Document it in your art.  That is what we have, we have the talents to render what we see into art.  The world will share it.

4. Be Visible
No one knows what Trump can do or will do as our President.  And how it will affect us as artists. It seems to me the more visible artists are at this time, the better.

Self Promote.
Self Advocate.
Advocate for Others.
Let yourself be heard online and in person.
Being visible is more important than ever.
We need your voice.
More than that, we need your art.

5. Collaborate
The collective voice is powerful.  I witnessed the incredible power of the collective voice when I was working in Pakistan. Voices together are powerful and influential.  They cannot be denied.

We are all feeling similar things right now.


These are entirely valid emotions that we are all going through together. If we collaborate, we empower.
The traditional artist collective was incredibly powerful. It is empowering to your art, socially empowering and creates a strong important impact.  Coming together to make good art seems almost essential right now.

Remember, the world will share it.

I really liked her advice, and even if you were a Trump supporter, you may still share some of the fears of what will be happening to our country and the world in the next months and years. Do you agree that we artists can be a force for peace and harmony? Are you doing anything on your blog or other social media to draw people together? 

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