A Heavy Heart

We had a tragedy in our little town last night when a vibrant member of our arts community was struck by a car and killed. That happened in the midst of the last Monday Night Live event that takes place once a month with live music, food, dancing in the street, and artists of all ilks mixing and mingling and having a grand time.

When something like that happens, it makes us stop and think and say thanks for what we have.

And we who write, process our grief in words, so I am compelled by the emotions swirling around inside.

In my books, and on my author blog, I like to celebrate strong women, and so I celebrate Suzanne Daniel. Despite the pain and limitations of MS, she always had a smile for everyone she met and a genuine concern for the pain and challenges that others faced. Every time we met, she would ask how the pain in my head and eye was doing, and she hated to hear that it was still so bad. She would wince and look away, as if my pain had become her pain.

There were so many things about Suzanne that I loved.

That smile. Np matter the day, or the occasion, she always greeted people with that dazzling smile.

She won a prize last night.

Her support of the arts. She was at every play, art exhibit, concert that the Winnsboro Center for the Arts sponsored.


Her love for her grandson and her husband. She often joked that she had to be a strong woman to put up with Gene all these years, but one could tell by the look in her eyes that the love went deep. We talked about how proud she was of Ashten

We had a nice visit last night, and one of the last things she said to me was how proud she was of her grandson, Ashten, whom she and Gene raised.

She also talked about how much she enjoyed reading my latest book.

When we met in town, or at the art center, she always asked about my writing and she shared my love of theatre and I will miss her greatly.

Rest in peace dear friend.

6 thoughts on “A Heavy Heart”

  1. Thank you for your love of our precious Suzanne. You totally understood her and her deep love for her family. She loved all the exciting events held uptown. The Book Club, the Art Center, eating at the various restaurants and buying at local stores.
    She was a beloved member at our church and we are all devastated.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. The entire Winnsboro Community is devastated, and I am so glad that Gene and Asten have such a wonderful church community to support them.

  2. What I remember most was her fierce hugs! She gave such good ones. Susanne was a sweet, lovely lady. Praying for her family and the community.

  3. Thanks for speaking the words and expressing the feelings that are in the hearts of so many of us who knew and loved Suzanne.

    I only wish that our local newspaper had been as diligent in covering this tragic event that took away one of our city’s most loved citizen’s.

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