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In honor of Halloween, I want to share a story that a friend of mine, Georgia Moore recently wrote. She has generously said that I could post it here today in honor of a holiday we both enjoy.

I find it disappointing that if October 31st falls on a weekday, Halloween is now celebrated on the weekend. People, October 29th was not Halloween!

Today is Halloween!

Remember when we were kids? We went out that last day of the month, no matter if it was a weekday. Who cared that there was school the next day. I think teachers were well prepared to face a classroom full of kids who’d had too little sleep and too much sugar. Or maybe not, but we didn’t care as we sleep-walked through the day. It was all part of the package.

I do understand some of the safety concerns that have changed the way the holiday is celebrated, but, really, couldn’t we still have Halloween on the right date?

Okay, rant over. Enjoy the story….


“Who’s that in the fish pond, Mommy?”

“What do you mean, Evelyn?”

“That girl. That little girl. She’s looking at me!”

“Why, that’s you, darling. It’s your reflection.”

“Oh no. Not me, Mommy. She’s evil, and she’s making fun of me.”

“Evelyn, now stop this story-telling at once!”

“Don’t go near the pond, Mommy. She doesn’t like you.”

“Evelyn, come away from there. Stop this nonsense!”

Evelyn cautiously and slowly backed away from the water, keeping her eyes on the pond.

“Where’s your other shoe, Evelyn?”

“I lost it in the mud at the pond.”

“Go get it.”

“I’m afraid of that girl, Mommy. Let’s go home now.”

“Evelyn, there is no girl in the pond. You’re being ridiculous. We will not leave a perfectly good shoe behind, stuck in the mud!”

Mommy angrily marched back to the edge of the pond to retrieve the shoe. A small hand reached up and grabbed her ankle. Mommy lost her balance and fell into the pond. She hit her head on a rock and sank beneath the waterlilies.

“I told you, Mommy.”


My friend is a master at flash fiction – something I have never mastered – and I love it when she shares a story with me. Do you like to write flash fiction?

Have you already had your Halloween fun, or will you be having festivities tonight? Since I live out in the country, we have never had trick-or-treaters come to the house, but I have enjoyed seeing the kids in town in years past.


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2 thoughts on “Halloween Story & Discount Book”

  1. Interesting. Around here, all the kids were doing trick or treat last night (Oct. 31). But other neighborhood celebrations – the parade, hay rides, spooky movie night, and the neighborhood part were held during the weekend.

    I’ve never tried writing much flash fiction. Maybe I should give it a try.

    1. Our town also had the neighborhood trick or treat on Halloween night, but the downtown merchants and some churches did their trick or treat events over the weekend.

      I can see having special events prior to the actual date. I remember haunted houses and hayrides and other fun stuff that went on throughout the month of October, but the actual trick or treat stuff was reserved for the night of October 31.

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