A Visit With Jesus

Today, author João Cerqueira is here to interview our special Wednesday’s Guest, Jesus. What an honor! Last Sunday I reviewed João’s book, Jesus And Magdalene, and you might want to check it out after you read the interview. It is quite an interesting book.

In trying to decide what to offer as refreshments, I first thought of loaves and fishes. Then maybe wine. Jesus did like wine in his first appearance on earth. However, in light of the fact that Jesus is here in the 21st century, I thought He might like to try a latte. You can have one, too, if you’d like.



And now, here is the interview. Enjoy….

João – How did you find the world after your second coming?

Jesus – In some things, like technology and human rights, humanity has progressed a lot and that makes me happy. But in others, such as intolerance and violence, nothing has changed. I found a group of ecologists that seemed to have good intentions, but they were willing to use violent methods in the fight for their cause. I found myself involved in a dispute over the construction of a resort in a protected forest and the result was disastrous. Finally, I tried to avoid a racial conflict, but in the end all hell broke loose.

João – And why did you get involved in these disputes?

Jesus – Well, I met a very beautiful girl full of good intentions, Magdalene, and I let myself go…

João –But she didn’t recognize you?

Jesus – How could she recognize me, if I am a man like any other?

João – Why didn’t you identify yourself?

Jesus – Men have difficulty in changing their ideas. People will only be truly honest with us if they do not know who we are. Preconceived ideas, although favorable, distorts the perception of reality.

João – However, someone did identify you.

Jesus – Yes, it was Professor Kacimba, an excellent person, a true Samaritan…

João – A con man who deceived poor people…

Jesus – That is prejudiced. Writers think they are above it, but do not escape this human characteristic.

João – I didn’t know you were also a literary critic…

Jesus – All of the histories that writers invent were already told in the Bible. Passion, betrayals, kidnappings, crimes, monsters, destruction of cities…

João – Let us return to Magdalene. She says there is an ecological message in the Christian religion. Do you want to comment on that?

Jesus – She is right. The Bible appeals to the respect for plants and animals. San Francis of Assisi was the first environmentalist. And I make reference to animals as an example for men. Who is not good for the animals, also won’t be good for the people.

João – So, we must love all creatures? Even viruses and bacteria?

Jesus – Well, to be honest I don’t like cockroaches very much.

João – And I hate mosquitoes.

Jesus – Me, too, but please don’t tell anyone about it…

João – Sure. But why didn’t you have a cat or a dog?

Jesus -It takes time to care for an animal. As you know, I was always too busy…

João – Magdalene could have taken care of them.

Jesus – And you? Do you have any animals?

João – I have two dogs and four cats, but one is missing.

Jesus – So, you are not a responsible pet owner?

João – I gave them freedom, they go where they want and then I wash my hands.

Jesus – What is this? An interview or a trial? Are you an admirer of Pilate?

João – I am an admirer of you.

(Jesus takes a deep breath.)

Jesus – Well, if people like you admire me, I suppose there is hope for humankind.

João – One last question: did you fall in love with her?

Jesus – I am in love with all human beings. Go find the cat.


Jesus returns to earth.
After meeting activist Magdalene, who is fighting for a better world, he becomes embroiled in three problematic situations.
He meets an extremist ecological group, which is plotting to destroy a maize plantation it believes to be genetically modified. Then, he observes the rise up against a tourist development that is to be built in a forest reserve. Finally, he witnesses an armed conflict between blacks and gypsies.
Using irony and satire, the Second Coming of Jesus to Earth broaches recent phenomena of social and political conflict.



João Cerqueira has a PhD in History of Art from the University of Oporto. He is the author of eight books. Blame it on too much freedom, The Tragedy of Fidel Castro, Devil’s Observations, Maria Pia: Queen and Woman, José de Guimarães (published in China by the Today Art Museum), José de Guimarães: Public Art.

The Tragedy of Fidel Castro won the USA Best Book Awards 2013, the Beverly Hills Book Awards 2014, the Global Ebook Awards 2014, was finalist for the Montaigne Medal 2014 (Eric Offer Awards) and for The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards 2014 and  was considered by ForewordReviews the third best translation published in 2012 in the United States.

The second coming of Jesus (A segunda vinda de Cristo à Terra) won the silver medal in the 2015 Latino Book Award and was considered by the unheard-voice.blogspot one of the best books published in 2015.

See all of João Cerqueira’s books at his Amazon Author Page

2 thoughts on “A Visit With Jesus”

  1. What a fascinating idea for a plot. After I saw my first time travelling movie, I’ve had the same reoccurring wish: to go back in time and meet Jesus in his time. Seems redundant considering I’m going to meet him eventually anyway. But that’s me, my mother’s weird child.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Joylene. I have often thought it would be nice for Jesus to come to my house and have coffee so we could chat about the sorry state of the world. Maybe He’ll come by for Latte. 🙂

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