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Please help me welcome Emma Larkins and Kiellen Corr as today’s Wednesday’s Guests. A few more folks from Mechalarum , the new sci-fi book I reviewed last Sunday might drop by, too. You just never know what they might do. Since Kiellen and Gage eat the most god-awful stuff in their world, I had no idea what to serve as refreshments, but Emma might enjoy a nice glass of wine to unwind after this crazy interview. Enjoy….


Interview with Kiellen Corr, Famed Mechalarum Flying-Suit Pilot

Emma Larkins: Hello everyone! Today we’re chatting with a very special guest – Kiellen Corr. If you’ve read about Mechalarum, you already know all about her rebellious attitude and skilled aerial maneuvers, so today we’re going to try and get to know the ‘real’ Kiellen hidden behind the stunts and antics. She’s running a few minutes late, but I’m sure she’ll be here any moment.

A dark figure crashes through the ceiling. Green lights blink on the black surface of her Mechalarum suit, illuminating the swirling cloud of sheetrock dust and fluffy pink bits of insulation.

EL: Wow. That was… unnecessarily dramatic. You know, there is a door.

The figure brushes dust of her shoulders with a gloved hand, then throws back her helmet to reveal a pale face and a head covered in dark stubble.

Kiellen Corr: Didn’t want to keep my fans waiting.

A young man throws open the door and rushes into the room. He coughs on the dust and shakes his head, resting his hand on Kiellen’s suit while studying the electronic panel embedded in his arm.

KC: Don’t look at me like that, Gage. How am I supposed to know which is the door and which is the floor? I’m used to doors opening of their own accord.

EL: I’m still a bit in shock, but I have to say it’s quite an honor to have both Kiellen and her trusty sidekick Gage Turman in the same room together.

Gage Turman: ‘Sidekick’ is a bit generous. ‘Raiser’ or ‘picker-up-after-er’ would be more accurate.

EL: Interesting to hear you use the term ‘raiser.’ In your society, children are raised collectively (unlike our tradition of developing bonds within discrete familial units). Would you say, then, that you’re like a mother to Kiellen?

A blur of yellow metal dashes past, smacking straight into a large piece of ceiling that now rests on the carpet and somersaulting onto its back. The robot waves its four legs in the air and makes a happy chirping noise.

GT: Hom, get out of there! You’re going to hurt yourself.

EL: Fascinating. Gage, you certainly do have a parental streak.

Gage blushes.

GT: Me, parent Kiellen and Hom? That would be… weird.

EL: Of course. It’s well known that you have a crush on Kiellen.

Kiellen scoffs.

KC: I thought you were supposed to be interviewing me, not Serl Neurotic Sciencer over here.

EL: Great. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Kiellen/Gage romance front.

KC: No comment. Next question.

EL: But readers have expressed frustration with the lack of details describing your relationship. You’ve got to give us something!

KC: Maybe in the sequel. If you’re lucky. Next question!

EL: Okay, fine. Would you prefer addressing the rumors regarding your involvement with Rove, the handsome and mysterious Wanderer?

Kiellen raises an eyebrow.

KC: Quelka fash! The fate of the world is in my hands. I’m working my butt off to figure out the deal with the Losh, and all you can do is ask me about this mushy emotional crup.

EL: Speaking of which. You’ve been raised with a deep lifelong hatred towards the alien Losh menace. But there’s a chance they’re not entirely what they seem. Is your indoctrination wearing off? Could you speak to whether your feelings toward them have changed?

KC: I’m afraid I can’t get into that right now. Spoilers, y’know.

EL: Well, that’s all the time we have for today. Thanks for dropping in, guys. It’s been – well, not informative, but an experience, to say the least. Tune in next time as we track down Serl Aris Jolorn, and grill him on the nature of the Kiellen/Jolorn feud!


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