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 It is always great fun to have a character interview the author of the book the character is starring in, and I hope you enjoy this one. So without further ado, let me introduce Kate Thayer and S.J. Francis as today’s Wednesday’s Guests. Since they both live in the deep south, I’m guessing they might like a mint julep for refreshment. Please do help yourself, too.

mint julep

Hello one and all. My name is Kate Thayer. I’m a veterinarian and thanks to an author named S.J. Francis, I’m also the subject of my first novel, or is it her first novel? Anyway, S.J. has given me the chance today to interview her instead of the other way around. How does that sound to you? I’m all for it. Let’s begin.

Kate: So, S.J., first question I must ask you is why me? Why did you decide to write a book about me?

S.J.: Oh-boy. Do I have to answer this? Okay. For some strange reason, I’ve always had an interest in the Deep South. One day, I came up with this idea: What if? The idea for a family in the Deep south with secrets hidden for so long now revealed threaten to tear them apart. It wasn’t your family to begin with. Your family just happened to evolve from that.

Kate: Wow! Fascinating. I’m humbled. Exactly how did the idea evolve? I’m intrigued.

S.J: I have this…gift, if that is what you call it. I can hear a song, lyric, see a film, a TV show, a photo, anything and right then and there, I get an idea. The idea evolves into something. With you, I saw you in my head first dealing with a problem. The problem evolved and I saw you and your family and the rest came from that. I saw everything as clear as a bell. Your whole life poured out before my eyes. Hence, Shattered Lies was born. Not the title, yet, just the idea.

Kate: Did you enjoy writing my story? Was it difficult to do?

S.J: It wasn’t difficult at all. Once I had the idea, I just had to let it flow. I had more difficulty editing and getting everything down in as perfect a draft that I could get it. Not to mention, that once all the characters came to life, all of you began talking, it was hard to get all of you to stop. You all wanted to keep going. Hence, I already have a first draft to a stand-alone sequel to Shattered Lies.

Kate: Really? You think that my story can continue? I wouldn’t think so. What’s to tell?

S.J.: Think about it, Kate. You just uncovered a great many secrets your grandmother hid from you. Not to mention a great deal of lies she told you. You discovered family you never knew you had. Of course there is more and those who read Shattered Lies will want to know all about it. What happens next to you? Do you return to Mississippi or stay in New York? What happens to everyone? You all kept talking when I brought Shattered Lies to a close, do you really want me to leave all those loose ends?

Kate: No. I don’t. However, I can’t help being nervous about what you might write next, what you divulge next. I guess I’ll just have to grin and bear it. Or can I talk you out of writing more?

S.J.: Not a chance, but I promise to be as delicate, yet as truthful as I can be. In the meantime, for more about Kate Thayer and the secrets that turned her nearly perfect life to shreds, please read Shattered Lies, which was released on October 24th from Black Opal Books and is available for sale on-line and at indie booksellers. Thanks, Maryann for having us.

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13 thoughts on “Author Interview – S. J. Francis”

  1. The mint juleps look great. How interesting to have a character interview her own author. I’m reading the book. Like Kate, I wouldn’t think it would have a sequel either with all that’s happened just in the first fifteen chapters, but sounds like the author has a plan to pull off another one. Enjoyed Kate’s interview of S.J.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I always think it is fun to have a character interview an author. S.J. did a good job with this, making Kate seem so real.

    2. Thanks again, Linda for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. As always, it is greatly appreciated! Keep reading and writing!
      S.J. Francis

    1. Thanks, Jan. Glad you enjoyed the interview. We got to know a lot about the author and the character through their exchange. The best part of a blog tour is getting to see so many aspects of the characters and the writers.

    2. Thank you, Jan for stopping by and leaving a comment! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. It was fun doing it. I hope you enjoy reading Shattered Lies as much as I enjoyed writing it. BTW: You’ve been automatically entered in the giveaway.
      Cheers! S.J. Francis

  2. So glad to see this interview, especially since you didn’t do the book review. I love this interview, but the book is much better. You really missed out when you didn’t read it.
    S.J. Francis, you have a winner here! I wish you the best of luck! Even my teenage children loved your book! I hope you do write a sequel. That would be interesting. Hmmmnnn…I wonder what will happen next.

    1. Hello again Annyce! Thanks for following my blog tour. I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoyed Shattered Lies. Hearing your teenagers loved it too, makes my day. As to what happens next, you’ll have to just wait and see.
      Thanks again for your encouraging comments! I greatly appreciate it!
      S.J. Francis

  3. Hello again, Maryann! Wonderful post, if I may say so myself. Thanks again for participating in my blog tour! I greatly appreciate it!
    S.J. Francis

    1. You are very welcome, S.J. I really enjoyed your blog post today, and I hope the mint juleps were okay for refreshments. 🙂 Happy writing.

  4. This looks like such a fun interview to do and such an intriguing book to read. I will have to buy it. Thank you for opportunity to meet a new author. I just found SJ Francis and am backtracking on the blog tour. Looks like Francis made a large tour.

    1. I appreciate your visit, Micala, and this was a fun blog post. I really enjoy the author interviews that are done this way. So glad you liked what you read and are now following SJ’s tour. There are a lot more fun posts to read on the various stops along the way.

  5. Hello Micala! thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment. Yes, it was a fun interview, a new twist on things. I greatly appreciate your visit. I hope you enjoy Shattered Lies as much as I enjoyed writing it. Hope to see you on the rest of the tour.
    S.J. Francis

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