This Time Called Autumn

Please help me welcome Slim Randles back as today’s Wednesday’s Guest. While I do love his humorous offerings, now and then he gives us something that is incredibly thoughtful and, well, pretty. Not that a cowboy ever admits to pretty, at least not out loud to his friends at the Mule Barn Truck Stop.

Why don’t we take whatever electronic devices we use to read outside and sit under a tree adorned with Autumn colors. That seems like a perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee and this pretty essay….



It takes us over slowly, this thing called autumn. It slides in quietly and lovingly. One day we notice we aren’t sweating as much as we did a week ago. Just this morning, we thought wearing a sweater might be a good idea before the sun gets warm enough for us. There is a secret in the soft breeze that follows us around the yard in the afternoon. A secret. The same autumn secret some of us have heard whispered for years and others of us are just learning to add to our vocabulary of life.

The heart of a hunter starts sniffing the air, as though we might pick up the scent of a bear or a deer or elk from right here in town. We know it’s foolish, but no one else has to know, do they? We think about antlers getting polished against whiplike young trees up where the golden leaves are carpeting the world.

Maybe this fall … well, maybe.

No one else gets to know these little personal secrets, as we’re afraid to be laughed at. It’s enough to say we are going for the meat, which is true. For the exercise, which is true. For the companionship of our oldest friends, which is also true.

But that isn’t the whole story, is it?

We know … deep down inside we know … we’re going to the woods again to touch base with our foundings. We again want to see if we’re up to the ages-old task of surviving and thriving in a place where we don’t spend most of our time. It is our turn now to see if we still measure up.

For the kids, it’s going back to school and cheering for the school colors at football games. For mom, it’s being able to work at home or at the office without worrying about the kids.

Each of us has a little celebration inside that leads us to smile this time of year.

Maybe I’ll see you in the mountains.

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