Don’t Get Lost

Humorist Slim Randles is back with another story from his syndicated column, Home Country. While I always highlight the funny side of his writing, he has also got a special way with the poetic and poignant and there is some of that mixed in with the humor in his books. I especially liked Sun Dog Days. A story of two friends and a special journey they take. 

It’s very cold here this morning in East Texas, so I am having hot chocolate. Grab yourself a cup to sip while you enjoy Slim’s story.

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I was invited recently to join Bob Milford, manager of the prestigious Diamond W Ranch, on a drive-around tour of the place. It’s a huge, private ranch, with tiny ex-logging roads winding around through 13,000 acres of pine trees and rocks. A real paradise.

But I was horrified to see wooden street signs nailed to trees wherever two of these old logging trails came together.

“Oh no,” I said, out loud.

“What’s the matter?” Bob asked.

“I see you’re planning a subdivision here.”

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Bob started laughing when I pointed at the signs. “Those are for the owners,” he explained. “They live Back East and visit here one weekend a year. When they get out here, they take the pickup and drive around and get lost.

“Once I got a call on the cell phone from the owner, who said he was lost and couldn’t find his way back to the house. So I asked him where he was and he said he was right there, sitting on a rock and close to a pine tree.”

He chuckled. “That narrowed it down to about 13,000 acres. Well, I managed to find him, and after that, I put these signs up. I tell them now, if they get lost, to drive until they come to Home Road and then head downhill. It solved the problem.”       
If you like what Slim shares here, you would enjoy his books. Check out his author page on Amazon if you have a moment. His books are a delight. 

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Get Lost”

  1. Boggles the mind to think of property that huge – my little 1/3 acre is hard enough to care for.

    I don’t think much of owners who get lost on their own property – glad they have someone to bail them out, but it must have taken a huge amount of work to put all those signs up!

    Good story. Reminds me of Garrison Keilor stories of Lake Wobegon.


  2. Alicia, I agree with the comparison to Garrison Keeler. I never made that connection until you mentioned it, but I guess that is why I like Slim’s stories so much. There is something so charming and engaging about the lives of simple people.

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