Friday’s Odds and Ends

Which won’t be much this morning as there is nothing in the news that I care to talk about. The mess in Washington is just that, and nothing I can say will make those folks behave.

So let’s just have some fun with some comic strips and forget about the news.

This first one is from One Big Happy, and I’m sure moms around the world can relate.

Ruthie runs up to her mother with a note. “Mom, I forgot to give this to you.”

Mom reads the note. “A class play? Fun with Food Groups? On Wednesday?!”

Ruthie: “And I’m the zucchini.”

Mom: “So I only have three days to make a zucchini costume?! Ruthie, I have a million things to do this week. (waving the paper in the air) How do they expect working parents to take the time to construct elaborate costumes on such short notice? I’m going to call the principal of yours and let her have it.”

Ruthie: “But, Mom, they’re using the same costumes from last year’s play!”

Mom: “Oh…. You’re in the class play? What fun!”

Next up is Baby Blues.

Wanda and Darryl are in the grocery store and the butcher hands Wanda a package of meat, saying, “You’ll need to trim off the excess fat, Ma’am.”

The next five panels show Wanda and Darryl finishing the shopping, driving home, preparing a meal, eating, clearing the table and doing the dishes. That’s when Wanda asks THE question. “He was talking about the roast, right?”

Darryl: “For his sake, I hope so.”

Finally in the spirit of snark here is one from Mallard Fillmore. I do love the way Bruce Tinsley nails issues.

Two dinosaurs are walking along and one is saying, “Sometimes I think that if the man-made meteors, the man-made volcanoes, or the man-made Ice Age doesn’t get us, the man-made mammals will….”

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Odds and Ends”

  1. very funny… i remember being in a kid play, i was a sunflower… wait it was a tulip. i was running late with my mother and she made me put the costume on in the car, which was okay until. i had to walk between a active baseball field in a bright yellow flower.

  2. Very wise choice for the day – I can’t believe this is what we’re stuck with – but I’ve always said the nuts were in charge of the asylum. I just didn’t realize they were literally all of them idiots!
    Shame, shame, shame!

  3. LOL, Jeremy. I can just see you running by those kids in a yellow blur.

    Julie, I have not been watching the news for a few weeks, and decided I don’t need it. (Smile)

    Yolanda, it is time we take the asylum back.

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