Book Review – The Mandrake Hotel and Resort by Jarod Kintz

The Mandrake Hotel and Resort
Jarod Kintz
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If you like quirky humor, you will like The Mandrake Hotel and Resort to violence if necessary. It is comprised of  a collection of short pieces, all loosely related as they take place in or around the Mandrake Hotel and are written by the same author, Jarod Kintz. In other lives, Jarod has been a stand-up comic, and these vignettes could indeed be pieces from his performances.

Some of the characters are Rot, the owner of the hotel, Jackson J. Jackson, one of the desk clerks, both of whom help the guests find just the right room for their tastes. Keep in mind that these are not ordinary hotel rooms. The hotel is designed to be a fantasy world where the guests can live out their dreams and explore their hobbies.

The stories are often absurd in their quirkiness, but there is also a level of thoughtfulness that makes readers pause just a moment to consider just how in touch with their dreams they might be.This was a fun, interesting book to read, but be prepared for something very much out of the ordinary.

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He will be my guest on Wednesday, so please try to come by to find out a bit more about his book.

Jarod grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and graduated with an English degree from the University of Florida. He has written many “books” but likes to use the term loosely; describing them as mostly just compilations of his random thoughts and one-liners. (Editor’s Note: Don’t believe a word of it, he’s brilliant!) A master of modesty, he probably won’t mention that (among his many writing achievements) he once sold a line of pithy t-shirts to Urban Outfitters. With characteristic humility, Jarod says, “But my story is just beginning. I plan on failing my way to success. I have been rejected by literary agents, publishers, MFA programs, and all sorts of women. But still I keep writing. Share yourself with the world. If there is one thing I like to impress upon people, it’s that you can do it, even if you can’t. Just keep can’ting until eventually you can. And you can quote me on that.”

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