Monday Morning Musings

On Sunday, Mallard Fillmore, in his inimitable way had this commentary  about the significance of today: “As most of you know tomorrow’s Inauguration Day holiday Martin Luther King Day and Squirrel Appreciation Day all fall on the very same day. This phenomenon won’t occur again in our lifetime… And it’s significance is already being felt by federal employees across the nation.”

Then a federal employee chimes in, “Three holidays but only one day off?”

And Mallard signs off with, “More on this as it develops.”

When we finished chuckling over the strip, my husband said, “Maybe we can get the squirrels to dance at the inauguration ball.”

Photo Courtesy National Geographic

Which made me wonder why we have to have another huge inauguration with all the parties. Why not just have a swearing in ceremony and a nice quiet dinner at the White House? Why do we have to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars for basically an instant replay of four years ago?

Granted, it is important to honor our president, but we don’t have to do it to such an extreme. And it is too bad that the media coverage will be such that it will dwarf the other significance of today – honoring one of the great men of history.

Some people don’t think any more of Martin Luther King Day than the fact that it is a holiday and a day off work. Thank goodness, there are many more who recognize the importance of what he did and the need to celebrate and honor that.

And thank goodness that we teach our children and grandchildren the legacy that King left us. I was proud to be active in the Civil Rights Movement, and we have made strides in acceptance and equality. Yet prejudice and bigotry still impact our society way too much. Dr. King’s mission will not be complete until that no longer happens.

Dr. King left us a lot of memorable quotes and this is one of my favorites, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

Wonderful words, but only wonderful if we take them to heart and act on them.

Photo Courtesy of the Nobel Peace Organization

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  1. While I am a huge fan of gravy in general, I agree wholeheartedly about the lack of expensive hoopla. Obama would have endeared himself to many if he had just thrown a celebratory BBQ.

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