A Sunday Mix Up

Today I was supposed to write a review of Return to Exile as part of the blog tour the author is doing to promote the book. Apparently Eric was not able to do a tour when the book first came out, so the idea of a “spring re-launch” was conceived. If all of the various pieces had come together, this kind of tour was a good idea. A publicist did the major work in organizing a month-long tour, not anticipating that there would be a problem actually getting the books to blog hosts due to a problem with getting the books from the warehouse.

This tour was planned some time back, and you have probably noticed the badge on my right sidebar. I wanted to stretch myself a bit in my reading tastes, and this looked like it was going to be a good book. Fantasy and paranormal fiction is all the rage and I wanted to see what it was all about. 

The publicist, who is a very patient young woman, at least I think she is young, but then, I am old, so most people are younger than me, was very helpful. She sent messages to the publisher alerting them that all these bloggers were lined up and ready to help promote the book, and we had no books. She then sent us all messages to let us know that there was a problem with getting the books shipped. There was also much rearranging of scheduled blog stops, to give us time to receive and then read the book.

My date was moved from early in April to today, in hopes that shipping and reading would happen, but it has not. Now I have to move on to reading some books that I need to review for May for some of my Wednesday’s guests.

Shadow Wargs

The book may still arrive at some point, and if it does I will read it and post a review in the future. I’m already intrigued by reading the first few pages on Amazon, and absolutely love the illustrations.

is the first “Snare” in the middle grade, urban fantasy series, THE HUNTER CHRONICLES, written by E. J. Patten & published by Simon & Schuster.

Snare 2: THE LEGEND THIEF is coming December 4, 2012!

The cover art & internal spot illustrations for THE HUNTER CHRONICLES were done by John Rocco of Percy Jackson fame.

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