December 2011

Merry Christmas

To all my readers who celebrate the Christian holiday. And Happy Holidays to those who celebrate the Winter Soltice, Chanukah, Kwanza, and the other winter holidays. No matter which one we are connected to, we are all connected on another level in this time of peace and good cheer. Tags

 Here’s another bit of humor from my friend, Tracy Farr….. This post orginally appeared December 2008.  It’s more than just a haircut Our country is going through some dire times. Banks are collapsing, the American auto industry is hitting speed bumps, and people are just not buying executive jets like they used to. So, it …

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Book Review – Lost Women of Lost Lake by Ellen Hart

Thank you Carl Brookins for introducing us to another good read. The Lost Women of Lost Lake by Ellen HartISBN: 978-0-312-61477-52011 hardcover release fromMinotaur Books, 320 pgs. It is interesting how these things come in multiples. Libby Hellmann recently released a novel with its genesis in the riotous summer and fall of 1968. The Minnesota …

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