Friday’s Odds and Ends

Fiscal Responsibility:
Texas Gov Perry is asking state agencies to cut their budgets in  the face of a growing deficit. Why doesn’t he cut his expenses, starting with the $10,000 a month spent on the home he is renting while the governor’s mansion is repaired and renovated?

Not to be Believed:
In Texas,  a father who was driving drunk, slammed into a utility pole, then fled the scene. That was bad enough, but he left his critically injured children.  His daughter lay bleeding in the street and a son was wedged in the car.

Shame on him.

After a 3-year-old Boston girl complained that her foot hurt, her preschool teacher took off her sneaker and found 17 small plastic bags containing crack cocaine. The teachers told police the girl said her mother had put “candy” inside her sneaker.

Turns out the crack belonged to the mother’s boyfriend, but still, could Mom not find another hiding place for her “candy?”

A Florida woman was arrested on charges of child neglect after her 4-year-old son called 911 to report that his mother had left him home alone. Jocelyn Villot, 25, of Deltona, Fla., was arrested after her son spoke to a 911 operator last Sunday, wondering where his mother was.

When I read that story I couldn’t help but think of this line: “I know that boy. Oh. I was so lonely. Poor boy.” Scrooge from Dicken’s A Christmas Carol.

 A Bit of Nonsense:
I received a piece of mail that had this disclaimer on the outside of the envelope: This is an advertisement. How considerate. I didn’t even have waste time opening it to know I would probably just throw it away.
But wait. What if it is advertising something I might want? I should probably open it….

What a waste of time.

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Odds and Ends”

  1. I don’t know which is the worse parent! I’d probably have to go with drunk driving dad, though…

    I got a piece of mail this week that said ‘final notice’ and was perforated around three sides. My heart skipped a beat, wondering what I’d missed. I opened it up and was furious-it was an advert for some marketing thing for walmart!!!!! I wish I could find a way to send them something that would cause a near coronary!

  2. You are so right, Laura, that is not fair at all.
    And I agree with you, WordsCrafter, that dad is the worst of this bunch. The news report said that his wife begged him not to get in the car and drive, but he ignored her.

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