Friday’s Odds and Ends

A Frenchman whose arms and legs were amputated swam across the English Channel. Philippe Croizon used specially designed leg prostheses that have flippers attached, and made the swim in just over 13 hours.

Wow, talk about overcoming life’s adversities.

A 14-year old high school student in Raleigh N.C. said her school should not have kicked her out because of a a nose piercing. She claimed First Amendment rights, “I belong to the Church of body Modification.”

The church of what????  Let’s see the ACLU get involved in this one.

The Obama administration’s call for tighter federal oversight of oil and gas pipelines in the wake of a deadly California gas explosion is raising alarms about the safety of the nation’s aging infrastructure — but Congress is unlikely to act this year with midterm elections looming.

 So, politics is more important than national safety?

Republican House Candidate Renee Ellmers of North Carolina has an ad running that calls a controversial mosque and Islamic cultural center near ground zero a “victory mosque.” “After the Muslims conquered Jerusalem and Cordoba and Constantinople, they built victory mosques,” the narrator in the ad says. “And now, they want to build a mosque by ground zero.” 

Way to promote peace and understanding there Renee.

Kansas District Court Judge Wesley E. Brown is 103 years old. He is the oldest sitting judge in the U.S. In a recent interview he joked, “At this age, I’m not even buying green bananas.”

Also wanted to note that I have an interview up on David Wisehart’s terrific blog where he interviews Kindle Authors. If you have never visited his blog, this is a good opportunity. He has interviews with some terrific writers,  and I am so honored to be among them.  HERE IS  A LINK 

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  1. I think, like a lot of people, I have just given up on politicians. I saw a report on the swimmer – very inspiring – and saw one on the Church of Body Modification – apparently there is such a registered church. Don’t know whether the world has gone nuts or if it’s just here in the States.

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