Book Review – In Dog We Trust by Neil S. Plakcy

 Thanks again to Carl Brookins for sharing another book review here….

In Dog We Trust
Neil S. Plakcy
ISBN: 2940000889596
Ebook available from Amazon, Smashwords, B&N.

Steve Levitan is a convicted felon. Through a lapse in internal discipline, he did a little computer hacking and ended up in prison.  Released on parole, he returns to his home, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, where he obtains a position as a part time faculty, teaching English at a local college.

His marriage fell apart, which is another factor setting up everything that follows, murder, car chases, odd and interesting characters, such as a sort of hard guy named Santiago, Steve’s parole officer, and a couple of cops, one of whom is a long-time school buddy of Steve.

Then there is the dog. Who names their dog Rochester? The dog belonged to a dead woman, and dog and Steve bond almost immediately, although both seem to have serious issues with authority.

Without revealing too much, this is a very “now” detective novel, delving into computer and other crime. How closely do you reads your credit card statements? The novel  is well written, smooth and interesting. It’s always good when a crime novel teaches or reminds readers of information they should know. This story does that, without preaching or lapsing into lecturing. The classroom scenes and internal dialogues regarding student
attitudes are authentic. For anyone who enjoys a jaundiced look at small college academic life, this novel is a pleasure to read on that level.

Everything about this novel smacks of a professional, polished approach. The writing is smooth, the characters well developed, and they stay in character. The plot has been carefully laid out and proceeds at a good pace. It’s conclusion is satisfying.

Then there’s the dog, Rochester. Dog lovers will be pleased to know that the author refrains from
anthropomorphizing the dog. Undeniably talented, Rochester is helpful throughout the novel, but only in naturally occurring, that is, doggy ways.

In Dog We Trust is a completely enjoyable way to spend a  reading afternoon.


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  1. Often a review like this will prompt me to buy a book that I’ve heard of and had a mild interest in reading. That’s the benefit of reviews, especially if they come from someone who’s opinion you respect.

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