Friday’s Odds and Ends

In a recent letter to the editor in The Dallas Morning News the writer commented that the members of the Tea Party cannot be racist because many of the members are the same people who marched with Martin Luther King. Wait a minute. That would make them as old as I am– I marched – but I am a good 20 years older than the mean age of the Tea Party members. Hmmmm. Guess I’m not the only one challenged by math.

Five couples at a Dallas-area assisted living celebrated Golden Anniversaries in a shared ceremony to renew vows after 50 years of commitment. Sweet.

Normally I enjoy the comic strip, Blondie, but a recent one had a message I questioned. In the first panel Blondie is crying and Dagwood wants to make her feel better. He tells her to go shopping and not to worry about how much she spends. The next  panel has her calling from the mall to tell him how much better she feels. So going shopping is the answer to having the blues? And we should spend however much it takes to make us feel better? No wonder people have humongous credit-card debt.

And I couldn’t let Hayward get away without a comment. It’s official. He will be leaving BP in October with a $1 million bonus, plus $900,000 per year retirement. Oh, poor man. He now has to move on to a lucrative job with a company in Russia.  Meanwhile, businesses along the Gulf are dying.

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  1. Carol, I was really touched when I read that story about the anniversaries. The photos were great, too. All the couple dressed up and the “brides” carried flowers. The community room at the center was decorated for a wedding. Really nice way to honor those folks.

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