Book Review: Final Approach by Rachel Brady

Thanks to Carl Brookins for providing another review of an interesting mystery. Enjoy….

Final Approach  By Rachel Brady
Poisoned Pen Press,
HC, 250 pg, October, 2009
ISBN: 9781590586556

A fine debut novel with an unusual plot line.  Emily Locke is recovering from the loss of her husband and infant daughter.  It is clear from the get-go there is something askew in that whole incident.  Now four years later, the detective who was disgraced and dismissed from the local police department as fall-out from that calamity is back in Emily’s life.  He wants her help on a case he’s working on.

A leap of faith is required of readers here.  Is she the only person in the country the detective can count on to infiltrate a questionable sky-diving club located over a thousand miles away?

And why is Emily so available?  After all she has a full-time job and is still pretty fragile from the loss of her daughter and husband.  Still, the detective, not her favorite person, presses the right buttons and off she goes to Texas.

What follows is a tension-filled emotional novel of exquisite detail about sky-diving in all the right places, introduction of necessary and useful characters and enough action to satisfy the most ardent thriller aficionado. Emily is strong and distressed at all the right places, there are no real down sections of the novel.

This is a fast read and although some of the danger Emily faces doesn’t reach my punch level, Emily is an interesting woman and the sky-diving is an unusual platform on which to build a crime novel. 

One of the more interesting aspects of Final Approach is that readers will, from the beginning, feel as though they have been brought into an ongoing story. There is occasionally a feeling of the need to catch up with background as a way to evaluate current happenings.  It’s a style that adds to the tension and pace.  A satisfying novel with a fine twist at the end.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Final Approach by Rachel Brady”

  1. It’s good to hear that those “leaps of faith” didn’t ruin the book for you. Sometimes they do for me. It does sound interesting and I like the idea of the female skydiver.

  2. I thought the skydiving aspect was pretty interesting, too. Something a bit different from some of the other interests featured in a book, and different is always good. Give the reader something fresh.

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