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I’m excited to be here at “It’s Not all Gravy,” the fifth stop on my mini blog tour for “The Hungarian.” My thanks to Maryann for having me today.

Today my character, Count Matthias Duma has graciously agreed to be interviewed by intrepid (fictional) reporter Harry Douglas, who works for the London Sun. I hope you enjoy! Enclosed is a picture of Jonathon Rhys-Meyers, the inspiration for my character, “Matthias.” (Author’s note: Author Stephanie Burkhart is in character as Matthias and Harry.)

Harry: So, Count Duma, I heard you got your scar and unusual eyes in a carriage accident.

Matthias: How did you hear that?

Harry: The rumor mill.

Matthias: (rakes his hand through his hair) I hate that rumor mill.

Harry: I also heard a pack of gypsy wolves attacked you and turned you into a werewolf.

Matthias: (reluctantly) Keep that a secret. I don’t want Lady Ashton to read about this.

Harry: So what’s it like being a werewolf.

Matthias: Disconcerting. My eyesight is sharper. I can see in complete darkness. My sense of smell is very acute. I’m stronger than the average man, faster, and my sense of touch is very sensitive. I have a high metabolism requiring a special diet. When the moon is close to becoming full, I get fangs which secrete venom.

Harry: Venom? Really?

Matthias: The venom is more like a drug. It won’t turn you into a wolf. It just numbs the skin. It makes one feel very pleasurable, in anticipation of the actual bite.

Harry: So, what do you do during the full moon?

Matthias: I usually stay within the confines of my estate. I like looking at the stars and I find the scent of roses help to calm me. I’m not a violent man and I do my best to curb those urges as a wolf.

Harry: Why doesn’t Lady Ashton approve of Emily’s nanny, Resa?

Matthias: I’m a widower, and Lady Ashton is my deceased wife’s mother. She thinks Resa is a gypsy witch. The thing is, Lady Ashton is right, but I don’t want her to know that. Resa knows what balms and elixirs to use to heal my body after a transformation.

Harry: Do you think you might get married again?

Matthias: I might.

Harry: Who is the lucky lady?

Matthias: Her name is Katherine Archibald. She has the most expressive eyes and I love running my hands through her long, curly hair. It’s more than that though, she knows the kind of loneliness I’ve known. She believes in the stars like I do.
Harry: So, does Miss Archibald know what you are?

Matthias: No, but she will soon. I have every intention of telling her.

Harry: Well, I have an appointment with my dentist. I should be going. Have a good day, Count Duma. Thank you for the interview.

Matthias: Thank you.


He reached for her hand and motioned toward the door. “Can we finish this talk outside?”

“Under the stars?”

“Yes. I’ve always considered them our friends.”

“All right.” She was reluctant to go outside, but his eyes were insistent on it, and she felt her resolve giving way under his careful attention.

They exited through the den and walked out into the garden. The stars twinkled overhead. Unfortunately, the waning half-phase moon hung over them as well as over the nearby pond.

Matthias stopped near the rose bushes, taking her hands in his. He looked down into her eyes, his own simmering in tenderness. Her defenses slowly began to drop. Unnatural heat radiated from his body. She was keenly aware of his rugged masculinity.

“I recall that I told you when I fell in love with you — on the night of your birthday. Do you remember?”


“I’m no ordinary man, Kate. I didn’t expect to fall in love again. I wasn’t looking for it. I didn’t want it — and then you stepped into my life with your smile and your easy acceptance. I allowed my heart to feel again.” He paused. “You accepted my looks, my situation, and you dared to love me with your whole heart. What you said about trust and love, I’ve come to believe it.”

“So why did you act the way you did?”

“I don’t quite have a clear head when I’m ill.” He reached into his pocket and withdrew a small box, opening it. A three-carat diamond in a princess cut sparkled up at her. She gasped.

“I do love you, Kate. Will you marry me?”


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Goodie Time:

I’ll pick two winners out of those who post on today’s blog to receive an autographed postcard of “The Hungarian’s” Cover.

To qualify for the GRAND prize: You have to post on every blog in the tour. I’ll put your name into the “hat.” Then I’ll pick the Grand Prize Winner’s name out of the hat.

The GRAND prize: A coffee mug with “The Hungarian’s” cover, a mousepad with the cover, magnets, and a set of autographed postcards.

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12 thoughts on “Guest- Stephanie Burkart”

  1. I want me my own Matthias…

    How sweet is he..

    I like looking at the stars and I find the scent of roses help to calm me. I’m not a violent man and I do my best to curb those urges as a wolf.

    How can you fault a man who know swhat he is best at..

    Love him ..

    Thanks Harry for a great interview..


  2. LOL!! Poor Harry, huh? Think about what dentistry was like back then! Yikes!

    EH – thanks for popping in. Matthias knows his mind, doesn’t he *grin*

  3. Fascinating interview, Steph. I think I visited all the blog tour spots and each was different, and I learned something new. Kudos to you and I wish you all the best with The Hungarian.

  4. *smiles* Sorry I didn’t get back here last night, I was at work. grr..

    Congrats to Erotic Horizon and Liana for winning my postcards!! Send me a email with your snail mail and I’ll get those postcards out to you in the mail.

    My next and last stop is at Nicole Zoltack’s blog and it’s about what life was like in 1901. Hope to see you there!


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