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Since I didn’t have a clue what to write about today, I thought you all might enjoy a little fun from my friend, Tracy Farr…

This is part of his blog today titled: What the World Needs Now is More Hoopla

In the interest of being politically political for politics’ sake, I denounce my association with the Democratic Party, I shun any connection to the Republican Party, and I will not sit and be pandered to by the TEA Party, the Green Party, the Red & Blue Party, or the Tupperware Party.

Instead, I shall endeavor to style my own political party, herewith referred to as the Hoopla Under Farr Party (HUF), and turn it into a new grass-roots movement fashioned upon beliefs, values and principles that I hold near and dear to my heart.

Those beliefs, values and principles include the following:
1. If snow is falling anywhere within a county, parish or territory, officials in said county, parish or territory are legally bound to declare a Snow Day.

America did not ascend to its supremacy among countries by being dogmatic and narrow-minded. It got there through thinking outside of the box, through imaginativeness, through finding unique solutions to problems that didn’t even require answering, and more importantly, through spontaneity.

If America is to remain the greatest country on the planet, it behooves us to teach our children, through example, that being spontaneous is okay; that the world will not end if we do something out of the ordinary; and to embrace the unexpected is to embrace the future survival of our species.

Declaring a Snow Day is spontaneous. Staying at work or school when snow is falling is narrow-mindedness. Therefore, the HUF party advocates the immediate impeachment of all elected officials who do not declare a Snow Day upon the first drop of the fluffy white stuff.

To read the rest click HERE and go to his blog. If you take a few minutes to laugh, it is good for the soul, and your blood pressure.

3 thoughts on “Having Some Fun”

  1. I’ll go you one further. Around here if it even ices, we declare an Ice Day and school is cancelled. If snowflakes fell from the sky around here, we would all run out in our shorts and flipflops and try to make snow angels in the grass.

    Straight From Hel

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