More Nonsense From My Latest Book

Back in June I started posting excerpts from my new book , which is a humorous memoir titled A Dead Tomato Plant and A Paycheck. This latest installment is from the chapter tentatively titled, The Silly Things We Do. A couple of weeks ago, I “told” on a friend, so this time I decided to “tell” on myself….

While I may not be the brightest intellectual around, I’ve always considered myself intelligent, educated, and capable. As a parent, I’ve handled situations that call for ingenuity, like explaining to a five-year-old what keeps the moon up in the sky — l told her God glued it up there and figured her teacher could explain all that scientific stuff after she got to school — and talking my way out of hosting a slumber party for15 young teenage girls.

The fact that I even survived raising the twins speaks for itself.

So, I wonder. Why is it that I can’t open a simple “easy to open” package? I faced the most demanding jobs of motherhood from potty training to summer vacation, but I m reduced to being a 97-pound weakling at the sight of “press here and pull back along dotted line.”

The last time I opened a box of detergent, I had to get a hammer and chisel, and I ended up with soap powder all over the floor and a smashed thumb. It was not a pretty sight, nor did pretty sounds come out of my mouth.

Considering the highly technological society we live in, along with truth in advertising, shouldn’t an easy-open package be just that? We shouldn’t have to wrestle our way through boxes of cereal and individually-wrapped cheese slices. We shouldn’t have to gnaw our way through potato chip bags or get tennis elbow from opening jars of peanut butter. We shouldn’t have to ask the same kid who gave us the blinding headache to open the bottle of aspirin so we can ease said headache. And we shouldn’t have to visit the local blacksmith with our canned ham.

Once when I was particularly frustrated – and my husband has the nerve to ask when WASN’T I particularly frustrated – I wrote a polite letter to one manufacturing company explaining that I didn’t find their “easy to open” package all that easy. Their response dearly indicated that they didn’t care about consumer relations and the letter started out as a typical PR piece about their product. Then it went on to explain that the packaging had undergone extensive testing before being released on the market, and even a monkey could open it.

Now, I ask you. Was that an insult, or do they really expect me to make a trip to the zoo every time I want to open a bag of chips?

5 thoughts on “More Nonsense From My Latest Book”

  1. I so know what you’re saying, Maryann. I started getting these flavored bottled teas. I cannot get them open without using the pliers. Seriously. My DH thought that was funny. Then I gave one to him to open…then handed him the pliers.

    Straight From Hel

  2. I can relate to so much of this – having my 5 yr old open the child proof caps for me, and my husband says I mangle every ‘tear here’ package so that no one can open it.

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