Cat Pornography

Some writers work to the sweet sound of their favorite music. I get to work to the sweet sound of my dogs bathing. They come into my office and decide it is time to take care of those personal hygiene needs, and the constant slurping can drive me nuts. Not to mention the fact that Poppy has to “talk” to her fleas while she is biting them.

I don’t know what it is about my office that attracts all the animals, but they all love it. The cats are especially annoying when they decide they MUST be right in front of my computer, with paws and tails draped over the keyboard. I’m a terrible typist without that kind of interference, so working around furry appendages is really a challenge.

John, will usually just sleep when he gets to the favorite spot in front of my computer and keeps his feet to himself, but recently Orca has started claiming that spot. Not only does he nap here, he also bathes, which means he is moving around in front of the monitor. But that is not even the worst part.

After he has slept for a while, he decides he has to air out the family jewels, of which he has none, but he doesn’t seem to realize that.

So I look down to type something and, well, there he is.

2 thoughts on “Cat Pornography”

  1. My three cats and one dog all camp out in my office as well. 🙂 No one is allowed on my desk (when I’m looking anyway) but one cat steals my chair everytime I leave the room.
    As to the poses, mine look more like dead cockroaches…
    Thanks for posting the cute kitty pics!

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