Let us not Forget

Sometimes as we are distanced from tragedy the memories dim somewhat. That’s a normal human reaction, a way of dealing with pain and grief.

Now, nine years after that horrible day in September when we saw planes crash into buildings and thousands of people die, the images are not as crisp in my mind as they were a year or two years ago.

On one hand that is a good thing, as that deep ache I used to feel is not as heavy as it once was. But on the other hand, I want to cling to the feelings of intense patriotism that tragedy instilled in me and people all across the country. We were united in our anguish and our purpose.

And that is what I wish we all could focus on in these troubled economic and political times. United we can do great things. Divided we will fail. And we do not honor the memory of the dead by failing.

4 thoughts on “Let us not Forget”

  1. I saw your comment on Facebook. How could you not post something in honor of those who died so needlessly? Thank you for remembering. As you said, time seems to dim memories, but this is truly something that should always be commemorated and grieved. Failure is caused by division, and right now our nation is more divided than ever. Why can’t we all just be Americans instead of wearing a logo that really doesn’t mean anything. Republicans, Democrats, Left or Right, does it really matter? Don’t we all really want the same things? Thanks MaryAnn…

  2. I so agree with everything you said. I’d sure like to see some conversation and uniting by the powers that be. I’m so tired of screaming and name-calling and grown people acting like children. There’s no civility, conversation and compromise anymore, on either side. And therein lies the problem. We no longer seem to think as a nation, but as sides.

    Well, as the old saying goes, shut my mouth. That’s all the spouting off I’m gonna do. I now get off my soap box and yield the floor.

    Straight From Hel

  3. LOL, Helen. You can step up on the soapbox here any time. Next week I plan to do a blog about the nonsense in congress. Did you see the expressions on many of the faces as the camera panned the senate chamber as Obama spoke. Talk about body language.

    Ginger, I didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to honor those who were lost that day, I just knew there were other writers out there more eloquent than I who deserved to be read. 🙂

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