Pretty Flowers

I’ve been having fun with my camera again. The first flowers pictured here are Mexican Petunias. I have a bunch of them in my back flower bed. I had no idea that they multiplied like bunnies.

The other flower grows wild on vines that stay pretty close to the ground. I have no idea what they are called, but they sure are pretty. Looks almost tropical. They are native to East Texas, so if anyone out there knows the name, do let me know.

2 thoughts on “Pretty Flowers”

  1. I love looking at flowers, but am no good at naming them. Those are really pretty ones. I have seen those last flowers, but, of course, am no help in telling you what they’re called. I do, however, admire your photography skills!

    Straight From Hel

  2. Glad you liked the pictures, Helen. I sure have enjoyed taking pictures of the flowers around my place. I should be weeding or feeding or something, but stop to get my camera.

    Hopefully, some of the farmers around here will know what those wild flowers are.

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