Good Friends

Poppy, the dog, and John, having fun on the front deck. Didn’t realize until just now looking at the picture, but the cat looks almost as big as the dog. And the dog is a border collie – Aussie mix. She is not a small dog. But then, John is not a small cat.

He is definitely bigger than our other dog, Misha, who is a mix of Pekingese and Dachshund. When we got John, we called him Little John. A variation of Little One, because he was such a cute little kitten.


Now he is the king of the castle, intimidating all the other animals. Even Poppy stays clear of his claws, although John swears he is only playing.

Our son captioned this picture: “Aw, someone needs a hug.”

Our son- in law captioned it: “Would you quit touching me.”

Which caption do you like best?

4 thoughts on “Good Friends”

  1. They’re both great captions! My first impression was that “quit touching me” suited the image better, but “someone needs a hug” really draws attention to the awesome position of John’s paws.

  2. Upon reflection, the two lines work perfectly together as dialogue.

    John approached with paws wide open. “Aw, somoene needs a hug.”

    Poppy drew back. “Would you quit touching me!”

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