Too Cold For Ice Cream?

Posted by mcm0704 on February 28, 2009 |

Here’s another funny one from my friend, Tracy Farr…. Check him and the band out at Stinky Creek Someone actually said to me the other day that it was too cold to have Ice Cream. In that instant, I no longer doubted that space aliens have visited Earth; that they have conducted vicious and vile […]

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The Great Monkey Debate

Posted by mcm0704 on February 24, 2009 |

Unless you’ve been lost on a desert island for the past week, you have heard about the furor over the NY Post cartoon that has raised the ire of many African Americans. The NAACP has called for the firing of the cartoonist and protesters said that Rupert Murdoch, owner of the Post should be put […]

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Feline Friends

Posted by mcm0704 on February 19, 2009 |

Our dog needs a canine friend. Seriously, what would her family think if they saw her cavorting with all these cats? Poppy is half Border Collie and half Australian Shepard. She should be herding sheep, not cats. But I guess in the absence of sheep, cats will do. Poppy likes to play with John — […]

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Liar, Liar, Pants on fire…

Posted by mcm0704 on February 17, 2009 |

Here’s another guest blog from my funny friend Tracy Farr. If he ever stops writing these, I will be in trouble when I don’t have anything to blog about. I hate to admit it, but I’m a liar. I would say I’m a big, fat liar, but that would also be a lie. I’m more […]

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Spring is springing up all over….

Posted by mcm0704 on February 15, 2009 |

Here in East Texas the daffodils are popping up in glorious splendor. Many people have planted the lovely flowers in bright yellows and pale pinks, but they also grow wild in fields and pastures and alongside the road. Texas is known for the bluebonnets, which will be out in April, but I like the early […]

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The Ancient Perils of Writing

Posted by mcm0704 on February 12, 2009 |

Remember writing with a typewriter? Some of us do, and you you younger folks will just have to do a Google search for “typewriter” to see what one looked like. I unearthed an old column I’d written when my trusty old typewriter gave up the ghost. That was back when I was writing a weekly […]

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A Little Bit of Humor

Posted by mcm0704 on February 9, 2009 |

As we all know, writers are by nature very insecure people, especially in the early years when perhaps the only thing we get published is a letter to the editor and that’s cut from four paragraphs to three lines. In fact, for years basic insecurity was the only thing I had to affirm my credibility […]



Get outta My Space!

Posted by mcm0704 on February 5, 2009 |

Years ago I used to fight with my kids for my sacred space to write in. I had a room that was called my study where I had a desk and a typewriter — yeah, I started writing in the dark ages. Problem was, the study soon became the room where stuff was stored when […]

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Posted by mcm0704 on February 2, 2009 |

I must say I enjoyed yesterday’s Super Bowl more than I have others in recent history. Unless the Cowboy’s play, I usually don’t care a whole lot who wins, but yesterday I was pulling for the Cardinals. There was something endearing about the fact that halfway through the season they were the last team anyone […]

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