Happy Easter, Happy Spring Renewal

Just want to wish everyone who celebrates Easter a happy and blessed Holiday. No matter what religion one espouses, spring is always a time of great renewal of our earth as flowers blossom, trees burst forth with new leaves, and there seems to be an air of great anticipation and eagerness about us. So I hope all my friends who read this feel that sense of renewal and excitement in their lives.

Easter is also a time of great fun for kids of all ages. After the hectic schedule of church services for Holy Week, most of Easter Sunday was spent in exhaustion and sugar comas, although the kids did rouse us from the stupor when they couldn’t find their baskets. My husband delighted in hiding the baskets as if hiding state secrets.

Cartoon rabbit sitting with three decorated eggs. Flowers around ears, eyes closed.

May the Easter Bunny bring you lots of chocolate.

During my reign as The Erma Bombeck of Plano, I had great fun writing my weekly humor column, and if I ran out of material from my family-nonsense to write about, I could always count on our friends, the Konty’s, to provide me with fodder. In fact, sometimes their nonsense was funnier than our nonsense, but I didn’t tell them that. They might have started charging me for material.

One year, two of their kids decided they wanted to find out if there really is an Easter Bunny. They wanted to be sure they weren’t being taken in by some gigantic hoax like the Great Pumpkin of Charlie Brown fame, so they left a questionnaire for the Easter Bunny to fill out.

There seemed to be no significant pattern to the questions or the answers, and since I wasn’t qualified to evaluate the meaning of a questionnaire, I simply offered it in my weekly column exactly as it had been written by the kids. Although I must say that I found one or two answers rather interesting, and I’m not sure the response to number eight offered the Easter Bunny much in the way of credibility. (And keep in mind I wrote that column many years ago. While current events always change, there is something timeless in fun with our children.)

Dear Easter Bunny,

1. Do you like hiding eggs?     Yes

2. Why not trade places with Santa Claus?     Too cold

3. May we have your autograph?     E. Bunny

4. How old are you?     Enough

5. What color are you?     Green

6. What color eggs do you like most?     Gold

7. Where do you live?     Easter Island

8. Do you personally know President Carter?     Yes

9. Which came first the chicken or the egg?     That depends

10. Are you married?     Yes

11. Does a chicken have lips?     Only when it’s kissing another chicken

12. Why does your Holiday keep changing days?     It doesn’t. It’s always on Sunday

13. Do you have a social security card?     No

14. Do you have a driver’s license?     I don’t need one. I only hop

15. Who are your parents?     Mr. & Mrs. E. Bunny, Sr.

Sincerely, Desiree and Marty Konty

Memo from Easter Bunny to Desiree and Marty Konty: Where was my snack?

Whatever your plans are for the day, I hope you have lots of good times to create wonderful memories.

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