Celebrating Love

Even though I’m not going to celebrate Valentine’s Day today, I will eat this lovely cookie my daughter sent me. Who can pass up a good sugar cookie?

Not me. 🙂

Heart-shaped cookie with red icing trimmed with a white border.

Also, I might paint this rock red and print Kiss Me on it. Remember those candy hearts we’d get when we were kids? I liked them a lot, even well into adulthood, especially the minty ones.

A small rock that looks a little like a heart.

If I had some rock sculpting tools, I could get really creative and shape the rock to look more like a heart. But, alas, I have none. You’ll just have to squint and use your imagination. 🙂

I remember as a young teen going through the candy hearts given to me by boys at class parties. My best friend and I would sort them at her house to see what was written on the one given by that “special” guy. Of course, if it said “kiss me” we’d swoon and giggle.

Oh, those carefree, silly days of young adulthood.

My best friend and I often forget that we are now ladies of a certain age who might want to sometimes act that age.

Ah, that would be a “no.” Sometimes it’s better to be carefree and silly. Lots of stress-reducing endorphins released that way.

During the years of our marriage, my hubby and I never made a really big deal for Valentine’s Day. We remembered it and had a card for each other, and sometimes flowers and small gifts. One year Carl gave me a cute plush toy with a big red heart on it. It’s small, barely bigger than a hand, and I still have it on the dashboard of my car.

Most of the time on Valentine’s Day we’d have dinner out, and that moved to lunch out when we both retired. But once our romance morphed into something deeper and stronger, neither of us felt a great need to show our love with a card and a gift.

Don’t get me wrong. We still did mark the day for celebrating love, we just did it differently. Though I will admit to sometimes buying a package of those candy hearts and putting one by his dinner plate. Want to guess what was printed on that heart? 🙂

The memory of those days came to mind when I saw this rock.

Okay, feeling a little sad, so it’s time to move on to something lighthearted.

In honor of this day for celebrating love, I’ll share part of an older post from 2013. Enjoy this interview I had with Cupid.

Pencil drawing of a cherub with a bow and arrow. Little hearts around him.

Hi, there Cupid. Can you stop just a minute so my readers can meet you?

Don’t you know this is the worst day?

Sorry. I didn’t realize.

Well, I’ve got to fly all around the world and remind everybody that they need to get their candy and roses and diamonds for their sweethearts. You know those guys are always forgetting.

I don’t think it’s fair to single out the guys. Plenty of women forget, too.

Not as many as the men. Trust me. I’ve been doing this for centuries.

But you look so young.

Good genes.

Oh, I see. You know, I’ve always wondered.  Do you have a sweetheart?

Are you kidding. Who has time for their own love life when they are busy taking care of everyone else in the world.

The whole world? I thought maybe you had help. You know, a whole team of cupid assistants. Sort of like Santa’s Elves.

Nope. Just me, shooting arrows into every heart.

Wow. That’s a lot of responsibility. I don’t know how you manage it all.

Sometimes I don’t know either. But a cupid’s got to do what a cupid’s got to do. I’ll tell you, though, I’m really ready for Valentine’s Day to be over.

What are you going to do then?

I’m going to Disney World.

That’s all from me for today, folks. If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone special, I hope a candy heart is by your dinner plate. Enjoy!

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