Help Me Understand “Why?”

Before the opinion piece, something cute to start the week. This is my dog, Dusty, and my daughter’s cat Suki. Dusty stayed with my daughter and her husband and their cats for several months after I had cervical fusion surgery. Every time my daughter went out the front door, the dog and cat stood waiting anxiously for her return.

Large yellow-lab standing behind a tabby cat. Both looking out the glass storm door of a brick house.

Regular readers of my blog know that I’ve never been a fan of former President Trump; and what little respect I did have for him was shattered on January 6th, 2020. Since then, his image has eroded even more. But so many others consider him the best thing since the invention of electricity. Some even think he’s the Messiah, returned to bring us to the rapture.

A big question that spins through my mind is “why?”

Why are so many people still turning out to support him? Does he really know how to govern, or just politic? There is a difference.

And why are so many Republicans afraid to stand up to him?

It’s so hard to grasp how members of Congress who were literally running for their lives on January 6th, 2020, can now be so comfortable endorsing him as a candidate for president. Why the Senate failed to convict him in 2021 is still a huge mystery to me and many others. Following the impeachment in the House, he should have been quickly convicted and his influence in the GOP turned to dust.

Another question that boggles the mind is: Why are Republicans in Congress right now taking orders from him? What would happen if they simply stopped? What is his hold over the party? Is the support based on how much money his followers contribute to the national GOP campaign fund? Are the followers bringing in such significant amounts to make that case, or is major fund-raising primarily accomplished by the super-pacs?

Not only is Trump clearly driving the GOP car, he’s interfering in governing. Why? He’s not a member of the current government and shouldn’t be part of any discussion on new legislation. Let alone use threats and intimidation to sway decisions.

He recently told GOP members of Congress to vote against a spending bill that would continue providing aid to Ukraine, and, as of this writing, they are bending to his will.


Is his political base so large and so strong that Republicans in Congress are afraid to take a stand against him for fear they won’t get re-elected?

Should popularity and electability be based purely on money, power, and who’s driving the bus?

Through many years of editorial writing, I’ve long been a proponent of eliminating the party system. It’s been years since I’ve had official party membership. Mainly because the damage that the two-party system has done to politics is quite evident, and we can see that impairment to governance playing out so dramatically in recent years.

Perhaps eliminating the two-party system is a bit of an idealistic consideration.

Okay, maybe a huge idealistic consideration. But so much in Washington is fractured because both parties are treating the other as “enemy” and not enough real governing is happening.

As always, I welcome your comments even if you don’t agree with me. I seriously would like some answers to my “why” questions. And certainly folks who have studied more political science than I have, and more recently, might be able to poke holes in some of my thinking. Have at it, as long as the discourse here is respectful.

We are not the enemy of each other if we happen to have opposite opinions, and I’m always open to considering the other side of an issue.

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you have a wonderful, productive week that is both satisfying and fun. Be safe. Be happy.

8 thoughts on “Help Me Understand “Why?””

  1. Well written Aunt Maryann, well thought out and important question’s asked. I also would love a clear articulated answer to any single one of the multiple questions posed here today, I have heard these questions asked around Cincinnati too! Love the picture of Dusty and Suki ❣️

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sue. Dusty and Suki were just started to play together before I brought him home early in January. The kitty was wary of something so big for quite a while and took her time getting comfortable around him.

      I do hope some folks weigh in on those questions.

      1. It’s perplexing at best. All the “whys” point to politics. Most of the RNC, which is primarily MAGA thinking folks now want so desperately to be in total control. It’s a very dangerous situation that is building.

      2. MCM0704 Another thought right now, is that we’re dealing with what can be likened to as a “cult mentality.” Many MAGA folks, which include a vast number of evangelicals, have been posturing that he (Trump) might be part of the “second coming.” This is a scary position considering that those proclamations are being picked up and distributed by right wing news and foreign propagandists.

        1. I’m not sure what is more frightening; that tRump wields so much power over the GOP or that people are saying he is the new messiah and believing it. I wrote a book about destructive cults and you are right that those followers of tRump are as blind as anyone in a cult. And he exhibits all the characteristics of a cult leader.

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