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The Hangman’s Daughters Series, Book # 1
Linda Broday

Western Romance / Clean & Wholesome / Historical Fiction
Publisher: Severn House
Date of Publication: March 7, 2023
256 pages 

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Book cover: Winning Maura's Heart: The Hangman's Daughter Book One. Linda Broday. Woman with long dark hair wearing a blue dress looking back over one shoulder.

Maura Taggart is an outcast, the daughter of a hangman and tainted by association – no reputable man wants her as his wife. And now she is homeless, along with her sister and the group of children in their care. Armed with pure grit, she finds a nearby mission where the nuns agree to take them in and set up an orphanage. But trouble is just around the corner . . .

The Calhoun brothers are identical twins but on opposite sides of the law. Cutter is a deputy Marshal, Jonas an outlaw. When Cutter attempts to break his brother out of a notorious gang, they are shot, and Maura finds one of them wounded, close to the mission – but which brother is it?

As the stranger regains his strength under Maura’s care an attraction between them grows, yet how far can she trust him? And why has he brought trouble to their door? With the orphanage under threat can Maura trust this handsome stranger both with their safety and with her heart?



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Winning Maura’s Heart is a terrific first book in a new series by Linda Broday. Billed as a Western Romance, I really liked that the Western elements took center stage. Not that there isn’t romance. The attraction between the stranger and Maura builds slowly, letting the reader get to know both of them as the story evolves.

The mystery of which brother survived the shoot-out is deftly handled, and there were enough clues dropped into the story to keep the reader guessing. There were times I wondered, “Really? Could it be?” It’s hard to say any more about the romantic elements without a spoiler, but readers will find the resolution most satisfying.

Maura and her sister have had a hard life up to this point, and it gets worse right after they’ve nursed people through an outbreak of yellow fever in San Antonio, Texas. No longer needed for a job nobody else wanted, the townspeople drive Maura and Emma out of town, and they take a group of children orphaned by the epidemic to an old Spanish mission now being used by French nuns. The Sisters welcome the children and help Maura and Emma care for them, with the assistance of their Uncle Max when he is sober enough. Max is drinking to try to forget his own problems, but he does have a good side, which Maura recognizes and attempts to foster.

Winning Maura’s Heart starts with an emotional hook that doesn’t let go as the story evolves. The two sisters face intense cruelty at the hands of others and so many challenges as they attempt to hold their band of children together. All of the characters are deftly drawn and so likeable. Well, except for the gang members who come looking for the loot that the brothers stole from them.

This is a story of grit and determination, as well as faith and compassion. Even though life has been so hard for Maura and Emma, they don’t let that harden their hearts. They are always willing to help those in need, and the reader knows that from the opening of the story when they are in the throes of the epidemic. Then we meet the Calhoun brothers in an action-packed attempt to get Jonah out of the gang, and we think both brothers are dead until Maura finds the dying man near the mission and nurses him back to health.

The plot flows from one element to another seamlessly and so many parts of the book reminded me of my favorite Westerns from Zane Grey and others who’ve penned great novels about the Old West. Broday definitely knows the genre and does detailed research to bring the mid-1800s alive. I highly recommend the read.


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Author photo: Woman wearing a green sweater over a black top. Leaning against a shelf of a bookcase. Smiling. Short reddish hair.

I’m a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of western romance novels and short stories. Watching TV westerns during my youth fed my love of cowboys and the old West and they still do. On a still day, I can often hear the voices of American Indians, Comancheros, and early cowboys whispering in the breeze here on the high West Texas plains. We refer to this land as “cowboy” country and men here still ride the range just as cowboys of old. My stories focus on family life and almost all have children.




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4 thoughts on “Blog Tour for Winning Maura’s Heart by Linda Broday”

  1. Mary Ann, thank you so much for this awesome review. I knew from an early age that my heart and soul was embedded in the old west. I feel each character’s struggle to carve out a life very deeply. Winning Maura’s Heart was the first book I’ve attempted where I’ve kept a mystery running until the end of the book. It was such a challenge and more difficult than I thought. But, I’m glad I did it. I think it turned out well and authors need to challenge themselves. Book Two – Courting Miss Emma – releases November 2023. Thanks again for this beautiful review.

    1. You’re so welcome, Linda, and I agree about how we authors need to grow and challenge ourselves.
      The mystery element in your book was handled so well, and I think it worked in part because you showed a softer side to each of the brothers, as well as the hard edge they both needed at times. So the way that Calhoun brother acted throughout most of the story made perfect sense and keeps the true identity well concealed.

      Looking forward to the next book.

  2. What a wonderful review for Linda’s new book, Mary Ann. It is such a good story with so many different elements interwoven. The kids added so much to it, as well. Thank you for sharing and congratulations to Linda!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jan. So glad you liked my review, and I agree about the kids. They did add a lot to the story.

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