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Stealing Time
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Time Travel / Suspense / Romance / Alt History / Mystery
Publisher: Blondie Books

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Stealing Time, December 20, 2014, 319 pages

A devastating hurricane. A time travel betrayal. Will Ronnie survive the witch hunt or forever be lost in time?

Stealing Time is the first book in the “breathtakingly original” Stealing Time Series of time travel wrapped in a hurricane. If you like strong-willed modern women and gripping stories that transport you back in time, then you’ll love KJ Water’s Books.

As Hurricane Charley churns a path of destruction towards Orlando, Florida, Ronnie Andrews scrambles to prepare for the storm and seeks shelter at her boyfriend’s weather lab. What she finds there is more terrifying than Mother Nature’s destruction.

During the peak of the hurricane, Ronnie is hurtled back in time to eighteenth-century London where she is caught in a web of superstition, deception, and lies in a life and death struggle to return to her own time.

 Her best friend Steph is thrust into the middle of the hurricane, where it quickly turns into a living nightmare as she is faced with losing everything.




Shattering Time: June 27, 2017, 336 pages

A hurricane the size of Texas. Another time travel betrayal. Will Ronnie figure out how to return home or die trying?

Shattering Time is the second book in the best-selling “Breathtakingly original” time travel series that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Ronnie Andrews returns from 18th-century London shell-shocked from her first terrifying time travel encounter. Her boyfriend, Jeffrey Brennan, casts doubt on her sanity leaving Ronnie wondering if she went back in time or is having a mental breakdown. To add to the tension, Hurricane Francis, a storm the size of Texas, is barreling towards Florida and her fears of a repeat time travel experience mount. Ronnie’s best friend Steph, along with her friend Nick and Steph’s younger brother Ian, shield Ronnie from the dangers of Francis but cannot save her from traveling back in time. Unfortunately, their meddling brings Ronnie to the brink of destruction as they are caught in the throes of the hurricane’s wrath.

Once again, Ronnie is transported to dangerous places and desperate situations, while experiencing perilous cultures including one of America’s first mysteries — the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island. A stunning conclusion brings Ronnie face to face with a dangerous ally who may hold the key to her past while offering salvation for her future.




Killing Time: August 27, 2021, 437 pages

When the Strongest Hurricane in Decades Takes Aim at Florida, Ronnie Tries to Escape its Wrath. Will she Die in the Storm or Be Lost in Time Forever?

Ronnie Andrews is lucky to be alive after a time travel glitch nearly took her life during Hurricane Frances. When Hurricane Ivan, one of the strongest storms in decades, sets its sights on Florida, Ronnie jumps at the chance to join Mike, her mysterious new boss, on a business trip to Puerto Rico.

Sparks fly, but when a newspaper article surfaces with horrific pictures of a woman who may have died at Mike’s hands, Ronnie regrets the decision. Before she can confront Mike about what she knows, Hurricane Jeanne forms off the coast, trapping them on the island. Her doctors warned that another time-travel-induced illness may kill her. Mike may be her only salvation.

 The storm strikes and Ronnie time travels to Texas in 1872 where she is taken by Comanches. A rescue party saves her life led by Jesse and Frank James, hiding under assumed names.

Will Ronnie find a way to make the time-traveling episodes stop before the dangers of the past, and the damage from the journey destroy her?



Excerpt from Chapter One of Killing Time
Book Three of the Stealing Time Series

Wednesday, September 8, 2004, just north of Orlando, Florida

Ronnie Andrews pushed the grocery cart down the aisle, the wonky wheel pulling the cart to the left, trying its best to derail the buoyant feelings bubbling up inside her. She felt so free, so alive. Apparently, almost dying did that to you.

It was Ronnie’s second day sprung from the joint (the hospital) and a decent meal was at the top of her list of things to accomplish with her new lease on life. With a spring in her step, she sashayed down the next aisle. Her inner voice urged moderation, to save her energy for more important things. Ronnie was halfway down the lane before she realized what was wrong. The shelves were nearly bare. She grabbed the only six-pack of toilet paper that remained, super ultra-luxury, like the last-picked rich girl at the schoolyard game of tag.

Bummer, since the contents of her refrigerator sat rotting in a trash bag in her garage, with the power out for the last five days. She’d already restocked the damn thing three times since moving here almost a month ago. Hurricane Charley had led the welcoming party only three days after she’d moved from out of state, and a few weeks ago she’d moved into her first home.

Hurricane Frances had run wild over the land last weekend, likely stalling all the trucks sent to resupply battered Central Florida. It would be slim pickings until the roads were all cleared, and normalcy could return. Ronnie longed for normalcy. The entire summer had been fraught with turmoil. From here on out it should be easy breezy as she settled into her new house and new job.

“No worries, I’ll make something amazing with what’s left,” Ronnie mumbled to herself, glancing at the cart’s contents—pickles, peanut butter, sundae topping but no ice cream, and a box of raisins. “Oh, who am I kidding? This is pointless.”

On her way to the register, she found a carton of eggs and a lone wedge of twelve-dollar cheese, hopefully not too weird-tasting. She passed on the stray olive loaf at the meat counter.

Undeterred, she turned the corner, ready to pay for her meager supplies, and was greeted by a huge line. The buoyant mood slipped a little and Ronnie pulled it up like an errant sock, hoping to salvage the day.

An elderly lady smiled at her, shaking her head. “You have about as interesting a selection of crap as I do.”

Ronnie laughed, noticing what was in her cart. “I see you’re going to have jelly sardine sandwiches tonight!”

The woman smiled and shook her head. “How can there be a line with so little to buy here?”

Ronnie glanced around, shocked at how many people were there.

The woman reached for a pack of gum, tossing it in her cart. “Did you hear the weather forecast? Another storm is coming. They’d better get something here or we’re all going to starve to death. It’s not like we can go hunt for our dinners.” She shook her head and pressed her lips together in disapproval.

The smile fell from Ronnie’s face. “Another storm? Are you sure? We’ve already had two major hurricanes. Isn’t that enough for a decade or two?”

“This one has already set major records. They call it Ivan, and I’m nicknaming him Ivan the Terrible. Can you believe it? It’s supposed to be worse than Charley and Frances. I’m not going to have any trees left! I’ve already lost two.”

Fear coalesced inside Ronnie’s brain, turning it to mush. “I just moved here a few weeks ago from Virginia. I’ve got rather bad timing. I hope your house is okay.”

She nodded. “Piss poor timing, sweetie. Luckily, it just messed up the yard. My begonia bed is destroyed.”

Ronnie had been lucky. She’d only had slight roof damage. “I didn’t hear about Ivan. My power’s been out, and I just got out of the hospital.”

“Oh dear, well you look fresh as a daisy. Just be ready. Ivan is going to hit Florida. Now we wait and see if it’s like Charley, fast and dirty, or Frances, a long, hard screw.” She winked. “If I were you, I’d move back to Virginia where you came from. Florida is being punished for something. I don’t know what, but we have to repent or be sacrificed.”

“I’m tempted to do just that.” Ronnie considered driving back to her mom’s for a while. Her new friend checked out and waved. Ronnie paid for her meager supplies and rushed her cart out to the car, all buoyant thoughts rained out. Should she head north? Her mom could take care of her while she recovered. A crushing, oppressive wave of nausea mixed with the hot humidity of the parking lot washed over her. She could not go back to her old life in Virginia. She needed to face what was happening here. Was the woman right about Florida being punished for something in its past? Was she being punished for a wrong choice of her own? Ronnie took a few deep breaths.

A few minutes later, Ronnie’s new lease on life was delivering a painful dose of reality. She turned on the radio, impatient for the ads to be over. Orlando’s rush hour was full of angry, sweaty people honking their horns in an attempt to force traffic to move again. The pocket opened, inching them all along, until it stopped suddenly. Ronnie had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting the car in front of her, causing a new cacophony of horns rising like the crescendo in a symphony.

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KJ Waters is the international best-selling author of Stealing Time, Shattering Time, and the short story Blow. She is currently working on book four, Fracturing Time.

In addition to her writing, she runs KJ Waters Consultancy and is the co-host of the popular podcast Blondie and the Brit, and she provides author consulting services covering branding, social media, and publishing.

She has a master’s degree in business and over eighteen years of experience in the marketing field. Before quitting her job to raise a family and work on writing, she was the Director of Marketing and Communications for a national behavioral healthcare company.


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