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Today’s Wednesday’s Guest is  J. T. Bishop who is being interviewed by her character, John Ramsey. It’s always fun to see what an author has to say to a character, as well as what questions might arise, so I’ll turn the stage over to them.

JR – Thank you for letting me do this. J.T. I’ve always wanted to pick your brain after everything you’ve written about me. First question – Why did you choose to make me a main character?

J.T. – Wait a minute John. Don’t you think we should thank Maryann for hosting us here today? She’s doing this out of the kindness of her heart, you know.

JR – Actually I didn’t. But, yeah, that’s terrific. Thanks Maryann. Now can you answer my question, J.T.?

J.T.- Of course. I created you because I like your style. You make a great protagonist. You’re smart, witty, don’t like authority or being told what to do, follow your gut, and are a bit of a smart ass. Plus, you’re handsome. It makes you great leading man material.

JR – I’d like to be able to argue that with you, but all of it’s true.

J.T. – I know. I created you.

JR – Why did you create Morgana? To be a thorn in my side?

J.T. – Precisely. I needed to have you bump heads with someone. She’s just as headstrong as you, and she’s your boss. You sort of have to do what she says. You two make great scenes together.

JR– I rarely do what she says, but don’t tell her that.

J.T. – I think she already knows. It’s why you frustrate her so much. But she respects you too. And I know you respect her.

JR – Moving on…why do you keep putting me through the wringer? I keep wondering what you’re going to do to me next.

J.T. – It’s nothing personal, just what I have to do to write a compelling story. The best way to show a character’s true grit and tell a story with intrigue and suspense is to have drama. Something powerful has to happen to the characters. You, along with others, all have to go through some hard times. But your response to those moments is what keeps readers coming back for more.

JR – Lucky me.

J.T. – Hey, I gave you Sarah.

JR (smiling) – Yes. You did. Thank you for that. She’s a remarkable lady.

J.T. – She is. I love her, too. You two are my favorite characters. Your love story is beautiful.

JR – It’s been a long hard road. We’ve been through hell and back.

J.T. – I know, but I gave you help along the way. And look where you are now.

JR – You know. You could have stopped at the end of book three with us. We were in a good place there. Why’d you have to keep going? The Fletcher’s story would have been plenty to keep the pages turning.

J.T. – True. The Fletcher’s are a fascinating family, with plenty drama of their own, but I couldn’t help but bring you and Sarah, and the others back. I missed you guys.

JR – Sarah and I were doing just fine, thanks.

J.T. – Tell the truth. You were a little bored sitting on the sidelines. You were ready to jump back into the action. Plus, you like the Fletcher’s.

JR – I do like them. Royce is…well…you know Royce.

J.T. – I do know Royce. He definitely has his own flaws, just like you.

JR – I’m exhausted after this last book. I hope we can have a bit of a rest now. Sarah and I can grow old together, I hope.

J.T. – For now. But you never know. Maybe one day, I’ll come knocking on your door once more.

JR – Don’t be surprised if I don’t answer.

J.T. – You won’t have a choice. I write you.

JR – Good point. How about this? You bring me back as rich, living on a Greek island with Sarah, spending our days on the water on our private yacht.

J.T. – I’ll consider it, but don’t get your hopes up.

JR – What are your plans now? Who are you going to torture after the Fletcher’s?

J.T. – I’ve got another family in my sights. But I’m not spilling any secrets.

JR – I’d warn them if I could. I know how difficult you can be. I’m lucky I got out alive. Not everybody did.

J.T. – That’s the risk a character faces in any book. But you did make it, much to the delight of the fans. They love you. I don’t think I could have handled their wrath if I’d killed you.

JR – So how much of what you write comes from what the fans want and what you want?

J.T.– That’s a good question. I want my fans to be satisfied when a book ends and feel as if they’ve read a great story full of twists, turns, laughter, and tears. That being said though, if you want tears, then sad things must happen. Books reflect life, and life contains tragedy. It’s part of the deal. Sometimes tragedy is necessary to show the true beauty of something. It’s the hard times that define a character and gives a reader insight into who that character is. It’s the drama that draws the reader in. Even though I know a reader may disagree with a choice I make, I know in the long run, that choice makes the story richer and deeper.

JR – So no one is safe with you?

J.T. – Depends on the character and the story, but basically, no. No one is safe. I reserve the right to go where the writing muse takes me.

JR – I can accept that. Thanks for your time today. I enjoyed having a few minutes to talk. I also want to thank you for making me handsome. Too bad you couldn’t do that for Declan.

J.T. – You’re funny, Ramsey. I’ll have you know that most readers have a little crush on Declan.

JR – There’s no accounting for taste.

J.T. – Sorry about that. But your brother is a popular character.

JR – Stepbrother.

J.T. – Right, sorry. Stepbrother. But be honest. You wouldn’t have made it through these books without him.

JR – I could say that but I won’t. His head’s big enough as it is. I think that’s all I have for now. Thanks again for hanging out with me for a while today.

J.T. – You’re welcome, Ramsey. I enjoyed the interview. Say ‘Hi’ to Sarah for me.

JR – Will do. Until we meet again.

J.T. – (smiling) Until we meet again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You can find out more about J.T. and her books on her WEBSITE  and follow her on FACEBOOKTWITTERAMAZON AUTHOR PAGELINKED IN

I showcased two of her books Spark and Forged Lines here last Sunday . They are two of the four-part series that features John Ramsey, Sarah and the Fletchers. Good reads all.

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