Book Preview – Shadow Pact by Tally Adams

Shadow Pact
By Tally Adams

ISBN-10: 1612542859
ISBN-13: 978-1612542850
Brown Books Publishing Group
Mass Market Paperback: 328 pages
February 12, 2019, $7.99
Language: English
Series: Immortal Romance (Book 1)

Available for Kindle @ $2.99

BOOK BLURB – On a quest to find her missing sister Amber, Emily finds herself in the middle of an age-old conflict between vampires and werewolves. When she runs into trouble, Emily is rescued by an anomaly of the supernatural realm: the handsome vampire-werewolf hybrid, William.

Now caught between two worlds, they must navigate the vampire and werewolf courts to try and save Amber, themselves, and find whatever peace that remains between the feuding species. With countless dangers at every turn, a twisted vampire queen, a bloodthirsty Coven, and a power-hungry werewolf king who will stop at nothing to dominate the magical world Emily’s courage will be tested. She must become a part of a world she never knew existed to thwart plans of uprooting the reality she holds dear.

COMMENTS: Time did not allow me to read the entire book for review, but I read the sample chapters and enjoyed meeting Amber – a really strong central character. The pages I read were well-written, fast paced, and Amber’s quest was set up nicely. This is a good choice for readers who enjoy a story with vampires and werewolves and an unusual romance.  



Tally Adams lives in Texas with her husband and four children (and one big, fat English bulldog). She’s been writing all her life, realizing at a young age the characters just swirl around maddeningly in her head if she doesn’t put them on paper. She began participating in adult writing competitions before she even hit her teens. Years later, she worked as a nurse and continued to write. Finally, she decided to move forward into the world of publication and share her imaginary friends with the world.

You can find out more about her on her WEBSITE * Read her BLOG * And follow her on  TWITTER

 Come back next week when Tally will be my Wednesday’s Guest, sharing a bit about how she got into the writing game and the weird voices she hears in her head. 

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