Name That Plant

Before moving on to the little contest, I want to share a picture from the First Page Book Festival I attended this past Saturday at the Decatur Public Library in Decature, TXThe event was great fun, and people seemed to enjoy my talk quite a bit. At least they were polite and laughed at all the right places. 🙂

When attending these events, I really enjoy meeting other authors, and I met quite a few this past weekend, including Jack Knox, a fine art photographer who was there with his book, Texas Ghost Towns, Gas Stations and a 20-foot Cowboy. I had to check it out just to find out about the cowboy.

Our tables were adjacent at the event, and after a while Jack came over to ask about my mystery, Boxes For Beds. He’d heard me tell a few people that the book is set in Arkansas, and he was intrigued. He’d grown up near Hot Springs, close to the same time as the setting of my book, and he knew a lot about the gangsters that ran everything in the city. He was kind enough to buy my book and let me get a picture of him.

When traffic was light through the library we chatted a bit throughout the afternoon, and I extended an invitation to him to be a guest here on the blog one Wednesday. As soon as I get some interview questions to him, I’ll set a date, so stay tuned for more on the very tall cowboy. I’m not giving anything away about it today. 🙂

While I was gone over the weekend, my daughter sent some plants and planters to my house via my son-in-law’s truck. They are on, and around my back porch, but unfortunately, I don’t know what some of them are. So, who can tell me what these two are and whether they need to live in sunlight or shade? Also, do they need to come inside for the winter?

First is this little red beauty.

This next one has no flowers, but perhaps someone can recognize the plant by the foliage. I’m guessing it might be a butterfly plant, but I haven’t a clue which one. Since some butterfly plants want shade and others full sun, I don’t want to put this healthy plant in the wrong spot and kill it.

I really hate killing plants.

The other plants that came from my daughter are soon going to bloom, so I will wait until there are flowers and see if I can name them myself. If not. I’ll be back.

Meanwhile, the first person to leave a comment, identifying both plants and telling me about care, will receive a free Kindle copy of my short story, The Gift.

A story about love and compassion just might be the best escape from these turbulent times.

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